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Faith with works

by nikki rickard
(florence, al)

Hey Ameerah. Hope you are well today! I have a question as to how to respond to someone who says that the Faith with works in the book of James does not pertain to salvation. I feel too many people don't understand the true meaning of Faith and unless we have a trusting obedience to God either by the Holy Spirit or by following the Word then our faith might rightly be questioned. Hope this makes some sense! LOL Appreciate any input or guidance

Lots of Love Through Christ,
Nikki Rickard

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by: Dereck Hessel

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Interesting Question
by: Ameerah

Hi Nikki,

This is an interesting question. It is one that requires much care to answer because it can be very confusing for some.

The Bible says over and over that we are NOT saved by works. It is not what we do that makes us holy, but Who we belong to. Our salvation is God's doing, not ours.

But, the issue that you are speaking of is the tendency for so many in our society to give "lip service" to Jesus...and nothing else. They claim that they are saved, but they are not actively seeking God.

So, many people would pose the question, if they are not changed in any way, are they really "saved." But, I would word the question much differently.

I would ask, if they aren't changed, have they truly accepted Christ? Have they really made Him Lord of their lives? Or are they still the lord of their own lives, disregarding Him, and really just wanting to *use* Him to get into heaven.

When we truly choose Christ, God changes us. We become a new creature. If we have not began that journey to becoming a new creature, then it is evidence that we haven't really accepted Him after all. We said that we have, but our actions speak louder than our words.

I often remind people that, when asked what was the most important commandment, Jesus said that it is to love God with all your heart. When we truly love God more than we love ourselves, our actions begin to reflect that love. Much like a married couple: If they truly love one another, their actions will reflect it. If not...

As the saying goes, love is an action word. And, your actions are speaking so loudly...I can't hear a word you're saying.

I hope that I explained that well enough. It is such a touchy question because I never want anyone to think they are saved by their works. Or, that if they aren't "perfect" God will reject them and they will go to hell.

As I said, God is after your heart. If your heart is truly turned towards Him, eventually your actions will follow!!

God Bless!
Ameerah Lewis

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