Feeling Trapped c2-head***

Feeling Trapped

by Christina
(Beaumont, Texas, United States)

Trapped in a Box

Trapped in a Box

I would like to discuss ...how in your life you can sometimes get in a box and feel trapped, and feel as if the walls are falling down around you.

Have you ever felt trapped?

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Trapped NEW
by: Anonymous

I am 60 years old, been with my husband 15 years. Recently found out he had been cheating on me with an old high school girl friend. The skank has loved him since she was 15 even tho they only stayed in contact every couple years or so. She is now 59. They reconnected, she is recently divorced due to her husband cheating on her, she found out we were on shaky ground and zeroed in. Husband went with it, been 3 months now. I was not sure there was a physical affair until he got a text last Sunday and had a sick smile on his face. I knew right then she had sent a recap text of their evening before. So the next morning he failed to lock his phone, I went into it, found the text, sent it to my phone and new my suspicions were true. I waited a week to confront him, he of course lied again, told me I was imagining things, had no clue until that is I repeated part of the text. Look on his face was priceless. We have a mortgage and I cannot just walk away and let it foreclose. He will not leave either but does sleep in guest room since I first found out they were spending too much time on phone. I want to leave, I want my life back but I feel so trapped and alone.

Thank you
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to say thank you for the encouraging words. Its good to hear other women who feel like I do. Sometimes it's choking! The unbelievable responsibility of marriage. Something a lot of women including myself didn't think before saying "i do".

by: Molly

As i read your article, i feel my heart ache with pain. I have been with my husband for 15 years and all I have felt is pain, emptiness and loneliness.
I have tried all I can to make my marriage work, I have prayed about it all the time. Everything else seems fine in my life, God recently gave me a good job, I have lovely kids BUT my marriage is a mess, my spirit is tattered and I just do not understand why. Just 20mins ago I came back from work feeling pain deep in my spirit and I prayed to God to speak into my life. I will keep you in prayer as I continue to pray for restoration of joy in my life.

by: Molly

As i read your article, i feel my heart ache with pain. I have been with my husband for 15 years and all I have felt is pain, emptiness and loneliness.
I have tried all I can to make my marriage work, I have prayed about it all the time. Everything else seems fine in my life, God recently gave me a good job, I have lovely kids BUT my marriage is a mess, my spirit is tattered and I just do not understand why. Just 20mins ago I came back from work feeling pain deep in my spirit and I prayed to God to speak into my life. I will keep you in prayer as I continue to pray for restoration of joy in my life.

the most recent post in feeling trapped, by anonymous
by: Anne Margaret

You need to get away from your husband - because of the emotional and mental abuse. Yes, I know what God says about divorce, but God does not want you to be in a situation that will pull you away from Him. And when your husband is intentionally trying to pull you away from God, you have every right to protect your new relationship with God. Seek out true spiritual friends, mentors, church-goers who will give you guidance, assistance, and support to get you physically away from him. And don't look back! That's what Lot's wife did!

RE: Feeling trapped
by: Anonymous

What advice can you give me about being married & unequally yoked? Neither of us were saved prior to the marriage (equally yoked before marriage) & then I decided to get saved 4yrs after being married, but he didn't (now unequally yoked). Now we have a huge mess. He hates church & does not want me to go to church & has caused me to step down from the choir 3 times with constant mental & emotional abuse. Serious feeling of entrapment & no one to talk to spiritually; what to do & what Bible verses support this? I know what God says about divorce so what do you do in this situation?

thank you, Ameerah
by: Anne Margaret

Ameerah, thank you for your wisdom you've gleaned from your personal experiences. Your words are very comforting and practical. I will do the same thing - write down Scriptures and carry them w/ me. I have done that before, but I fell out of that habit, unfortunately. I love to write, anyway, and I've done my own personal study of the Psalms, where I wrote down just the first verse of each Psalm in order, and then went back and read them, and learned some interesting things from doing that. Thank you, Ameerah, for your words. That was truly helpful.

by: Anonymous

I was forced to take early retirement at 55 and had a 401K plan. Because I didn't plan my future
I had money but didn't know invested in an annuity
plan. At the time financial advisor suggested that i put the money in an annunity plan but I would still need to find a job. After 10 years of no stable employment, i had to use the money and was penalized for early withdrawal. After become digusted with looking for employment, I enrolled in college after 40 years. I currently have a house no income, my father who is 86 years of age lives with me and helps me supplment. My current expenses are "jacked up", can't pay credit cards. We live in a nice neighborhood, a 3 bedroom home which we are trying to maintain. I have approached someone about selling house but she had "it was upside down" and suggested a short sell. I still believing God and I know he's going to bring me through. I need a turn around.

by: Anonymous


feeling trapped in my marriage
by: Anne Margaret

I have never been in love with my husband, and I have never wanted to be married to my husband. I unfortunately allowed myself, because of my incredibly low self esteem when I was younger, to get pregnant by my then boyfriend, now husband. If he didn't want to get married, we would not have done so. I always let other people tell me what to do when I was younger because I learned that from my mother, unfortunately. Now I know better. I've gone through lots of mental health counseling. I attended Bible studies immediately after accepting Jesus as my personal Savior. I've prayed constantly about my marriage and am still learning how to trust God completely with my life. And yet, I still feel trapped in my marriage. I have no connection with my husband. We get along the same way two co-workers get along. fine, but there's no joy in my relationship at all. I keep asking God to give me a sense of peace at staying with my husband so that I'll know I'm doing the right thing by staying, but it's never been there, and it's still not there. This is why I've debated many times to leave and get a divorce. I'm tired of praying and praying and going to mental health counseling, and still this deep gut sense is a heavy weight of depression and guilt. I feel overwhelmingly responsible for someone else's sadness and pain. I moved out last year with the intention of getting a divorce, and three months later came back to my husband because all he did was cry and talked about how miserable he was without me. So I moved back, so that I won't feel responsible for his sadness and pain. But isn't this unhealthy for me? Isn't this wrong for me? Our son is 23, a college graduate, and travelling the world. He's very independent and self-sufficient. Yet I know if we divorced, it would hurt him and have potentially negative consequences on our son's relationships. I constantly worry about the consequences for every decision I make that will affect my husband, my son, and mostly God. I really do not want to disobey God. I know what He says in the Bible about divorce. So why is that by obeying His Word, the Scripture, I've never had any sense of security or joy or that deep inner peace? I'm so tired of being miserable and depressed. Many days it hurts to breathe, and I want to leave again. I don't think I can stand it any longer. Something has to change, and I have to do something. I desperately want to have the freedom to choose who I want to be with, but I don't want to disobey God, either. I cry almost every single day. I'm so miserable, and I desperately need the presence of God through other truly Godly Christians. I know a few at work, but because of my work, it would not be safe for me to tell them all this. My best friend is not returning any of my calls, and I don't know why. Will someone please reply to me and give me a word of hope? Thank you, thank you, so much.

comment on feeling trapped
by: Maura Rose

Many times in my life I have felt that way:
when I was young and wanted to be older
when I was older and wished I could have the energy and health I had in my youth
when I was waiting for the kids to grow up so I could have some me time
when they left and I was all alone and missing them so
when I have PTSD from military trauma as PTSD rises its ugly head to make the past seem so vivid and frightening
and when I seek others to help with all the whens instead of seeking God which I know I should.
Maura Rose
Romans 8:28

I live in Midlothian, TX, south of Dallas where hwy 287 crosses with hwy 67.

Hide in the Shadows of the Almighty
by: Anonymous

Of course, I too feel trapped. I have notice that if I stay in constant prayer with God, I don't feel so overwhelmed. The enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy but God came to give us life. What I would recommend that you do is when you pray, remind God of His word. Quote scriptures when you pray. Just like rain can't return to the sky,God's word is not going to return back to Him null and void. What tends to happen is that when we are in our 'waiting' period we lose faith. Well, I must encourage you that our timing isn't God's timing. And sometimes God's answer to our prayer is simply, "no"! Without any explanation. I truly believe when God says no to me: 1. My motives are wrong, 2, He knows what's best for me. 3. What I am asking for isn't in His plans for my life. I was married and I truly loved my husband but he cheated on me and had a child. I was devastated, I prayed, cried, yelled all of the above. God still did not save my marriage. My ex husband married the other woman. I was angry at God but then I realized that had it not been for the divorce I would not have established my relationship with God. So in order for me to gain life, I truly had to lose what I thought was my life. God is a healer and He is truly a balm in Gildead. I would go thru the entire ordeal all over again just to get to where I am in Christ. In the midst of going thru a divorce, I lost my job, got in trouble with the law, church family turned their back on me and was completely lost. I am constantly reminded of the pain but I know that the devil tries to to remind me of the pain and hurt that I experienced. I totally depend on God because I know that I am not able to stand alone. I still go thru valley experiences but without them I would not appreciate God's grace and mercy. I am in a constant array of sistuations but I know that if I continue to focus on God and not the situations I will come out on top. I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor their seed begging bread. Low, I am with you even til the end of times. I will never leave you nor forsake you. The Lord is my fortess and my refuge. I truly trust God!!!!

by: Anonymous

thank you so much for your insight about
looking at God vs. lookin at the problems.
I am feeling overwhelmed and i want to have faith that all will work out for the happiness of all involved, but right now, I just can't see that unless a miracle happens. But i want to desperately believe that a truly win-win situation can come to pass. It is just so hard to be patient and faithful with Satan murmuring around every corner, and there is no one that i can tell every thing too. certain people know parts of the situation, but only one person knows it all, and that person is hard to make contact with. So, its me and God. And i cry all the time in my prayers. I am at the end of my rope and about ready to have a breakdown. I need help.
your words are part of that help i think.

Feeling trapped. Big Time.
by: Natalie

Hello Ladies,

I stumbled onto this site late Saturday night and I am very glad. I am 25 years old, and a series of events have lead me to a point in my life that I realize that I am totally powerless over the webs that I have woven. Because of many bad choices, I live with my grandmother because I cannot support myself. I am also addicted to prescription pain killers. I was presented with information about a program a few states away from my own that lasts for a year. It is a Christian organization that helps addicts face the problems that caused them to use in the first place. I am in the process of attempting to gain acceptance into this place. As I said, it will last for a year. I am leaving behind a boyfriend of two years (who is very supportive about this), and my grandmother who has no other family around. It was a difficult decision but I know it is the right one.

In the meantime, daily life has become a struggle in itself. I have terrible insomnia due to a constant anxious feeling in my stomach. I wake up very early and once that happens, I can literally feel my pulse in my stomach. My mind turns on and all of these terrible things fill it which in turn keeps me awake.

It is important for me to get my mind off of myself and turn it to helping other people, especially during this hard time. It is hard for me to do because I feel so bad most of the time. I hate this because I don't want to be pre-occupied with my own problems, and I know for a fact that God doesn't want that either. Some days when I wake up and can't turn off the madness, I go ahead and take more pills just to feel better for a while. It doesn't last, in fact it wears off pretty quickly, and then I am right back where I was- except now I have the added feeling of defeat for having given in to temptation.

My email address is sweetvelvetrage@hotmail.com.
Anyone who has advice or a comment, please feel free to write me.

Blessings to you all.


"in response to feeling trapped"
by: Monaid

I can definitely relate to your comments about feeling trapped. It is a feeling that I am very familiar with myself. Not because I've heard alot about it, but because it is what I live myself. I've wriggled, squirmed,ducked, dodged, read my daily devotionals, prayed, cried, exercised positive thinking, etc. It seems that I've tried it all only to keep returning to the same old bad scene. Sometimes I honestly think that I've totally forgotten how to really live life. How to really feel vital and alive. I feel that I've learned to exist. To put one foot in front of the other and to appear to others to be alive. I'm sorry that I can't offer good constructive advice. But I'd like to thank you for inspiring me and giving me the courage to speak out on something that I've been keeping to myself for way to long. Maybe admitting it will turn out to be my first step in really confronting it and start doing something about it. I look forward to joining this group of women and pray that I get to talk to you again soon. May God bless you and keep you is my prayer for you and yours.

by: KIM

I have felt this way and feel it often in my marriage. I am struggling with this.

I can defintely relate
by: Ameerah

Christina, I can definitely relate to the feelings you are describing here. I have felt trapped before. I wondered if the feelings were ever going to end, or if I was going to be going through this forever.

I actually explain a little bit about my valley experience in the Becomming a Living Sacrifice Bible study. I talk more in depth about what my particular "box" was, and how I could see everything falling apart around me.

I do not know your personal situation. But, something that God spoke to me about when I felt trapped and totally powerless to my life falling apart around me was to decide what I was going to look at. Was I going to look at my circumstances or my God?

It may sound silly, but that is what I felt the Holy Spirit was saying to me personally when I went through that valley. I kept looking at my situation and the more I looked at it, the worse it got - literally. And the worse it got, the more it dominated my thoughts. It really got to a point where I could barely see God because my problems looked so big.

I had to change my viewing angle.

I knew that God had promised me that "My strength and power are made perfect (fulfilled and completed) and show themselves most effective in [your] weakness" (2 Corinthians 12:9 AMP) and I was surely weak! So, I could either believe Him who I couldn't see, or believe my circumstances which I could see.

I had to make a conscious decision to look at the Lord's strength and power instead of looking at my current circumstance. I started searching out what God's Word said about the problems that seemed to be closing in on me, and consciously made His promises bigger to me than the things that I could see happening before my eyes.

This did not come naturally to me so I started writing out the scriptures and reading them to myself several times each day to try and make them seem more real. I knew God's Word said that "faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God" (Romans 10:17), so I would record myself reading the scriptures about what God had to say, and play them over and over to myself. It sounds radical, but I was at the end of my rope hanging on for dear life!

A few days ago I was watching Joyce Meyer and she said that one of Satan's biggest tricks is convincing us that a temporary situation is our permanent destiny. But, when you have a God that is working on your side, your problems are no where near permanent.

Those are just my two cents on feeling trapped. I hope other women come in and share their perspectives on it.

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