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Feeling Uappreciated

by Carey

In our Proverbs 31 Study of the Virtuous Woman, we discuss God's idea of what it means to be a real woman.

Here is Carey's response to what we learned in that lesson:

I feel very underachieved in this standard God has set for me. I read all that He wants for me and from me and I actually WANT that. It brings me peace to think of my life being lived out as He calls me to be. I fail daily in most areas of Proverb 31.

I just got in an argument with my husband and I wish I hadn't. I complained about no one helping out at home. I feel taken advantage of in a lot of ways, unappreciated. I KNOW its wrong. I really want to change my attitude... or I want to let God work in me to change my attitude rather.

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by: Anonymous

I once felt unapprectiated in my married and family life. But I what I had to honestly ask myself was how appreciated I made God feel in my life. Was I ever disappointed in the answer. I prayed for what seemed weeks, when one day I heard it. No it wasn't a booming voice, it was the voice inside me singing and talking to God as I cleaned my house and prepared a peaceful place for my family. As I accepted this, my family started to do little things for me, because I no longer cared to have their pity or help. It comes down to feeling sorry for yourself. God does not feel sorry for me, if I couldn't care for my family He would not have given them to me. God knows I can do it, God knows you can do it. I know you can do it, your family knows you can do it and you know you can do it. So where exactly is the appreciation not at?

Feeling Uappreciated
by: jo

I to was very uappreciated in my marrage, I work full time attended college at night full time and took care of two children at home. I felt like a single mom, but i wasent. I could't get my husband to open the monthly bills or just stay up at night to make sure I maded home safely from school. And on top of all this he became verbaly abusive to me. At times I just had nothing but fear of him no love. I have been seperated from my husband for two years now. And I have so much peace. But now I'm faced with do I go back into my marrage or do i file for divorce. I want to do with is pleasing to God. But since we have been seperated he has not helped me with our children. I feel very unappreciated.

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