Feminism and Crhistianity - A Man's Point of View c2-head***

Feminism and Crhistianity - A Man's Point of View

Your article is touching. But in reality, in the USA, most women are feminist following false gods in the media.

I’m not going to mention names, but, they are taught to find fault, guilt, imperfections and break a man down.

In today's media the man is the woman's help mate and when he can't or won’t do what she wants him to do, she discards him.

You see in commercials and sitcoms where the woman belittles the man as a joke.

Where does the feminist movement stop?

I’m a man of God that wishes I could find women that see men as an equal in America.

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"head" of woman NEW
by: Anonymous

head means beginning. not boss.Geesh

Re: biblical marriage
by: SeekingWisdom

"The bible assumes a master-slave relationship between men ans women. a biblical marriage for a wife was slavery. If that is what you want, I guess some people are not made to control their own actions and need a "master" to tell them what to do. A strong, independant woman does not need this. God is good, the bible is not."

A biblical marriage is our (husband, wife, God) opportunity to experience close, loving unification as the three persons of God (Father, Son, Spirit) do. If you claim the bible is not good, and claim the Christian God, then you are also claiming that you are unwilling even to submit to God's authority via His revelation of Himself through scripture and also claim He is a liar (and thereby not good). Therefore, if you do not wish to submit to God, why would you submit to man? That's fine. You are free to your own choices. The bible also informed us of the freewill we exercise on a regular basis. But accusing or assuming misinterpretation of scripture is something I will always address. Yes, there is something to be said about submission, but men are called to submit to God just the same. Therefore, if a man is leading in a godly fashion, a woman who chooses not to submit is not just rebelling against a man, but against the authorities that God dictated by His will, and therefore God Himself.

by: Anonymous


Femminist and Christianity
by: Anonymous

The Lord said only one thing is needed...
sit at His feet.
If men and women did this God's way (not our way) Unity in the Faith would come to us as a people of God, and then we would make a real difference in this fallen world around us.
Opinions get us into so much trouble, whether we be men or women. We need Holy Spirit and Truth. Revelation with impartation, straight from His Presence without each other's interference for the best adherence to God Almighty. He doesn't want us to be wrangling with Words.
I'd like to share a poem with you that I was given when sitting quiet:
What can be said that has not already been said?

What words can I use, what words can I choose?
that give life and aren?t dead, or already read?or abused?

Hidden mysteries revealed?by God through the Holy Spirit, Lord?I yield.

To hear and perceive, I want to receive
?something deep and profound, new revelation
?that I can prove totally sound.

Not the doctrine of man or what?s known by tradition,
but what?s given through intimacy, breakthrough, transition.

I position myself to draw near ? to hear?
to be still and to know You are God.

Reveal to me what will heal the Church and truly bring surrender to your heart ?

Take control Holy Spirit, lead and guide?
bring it forth.

God?s Glory promised from the start!

Both Sexes have some work to do
by: Anonymous

The first women's movement in the United States was centered around prohabition. The reason for this was the high number of men spending the family money at pubs rather than actually supporting their families. When speaking about where women's rights made a wrong turn we can not forget the abuses women endured for centuries. It is hard for women to follow when so many men won't lead. This man's article has some valid points. Women should respect men and act like ladies. However; if we are the weaker vessel it seems a bit out of place to blame women's rights movements for societies problems.

Right now it is an ugly cycle and only God will be able to set it right. For years I have felt frustrated because men will freely speak vulgarly in front of women and children, whine about their responsibilities, make excuses for their bad behavior and blame others when they have messed up. Not all men of course, but enough that a women's disdain for such behaviors has become the center point of many TV shows.

The number one cause of death of young men in America is accidents. The number one cause of death of young women...murder by husband or boyfriend. In cultures in which women are more submissive, the numbers are not better, but worse.

Women need to treat men with respect or they will not deserve it. If women treat men like children, they will act like children. On the other hand, more men need to "stay in their place" or rather "accept their place." In today's world it is hard enough for women to be submissive (we are often hurt, angry and abandoned) much less when a man acts like he wants the privledge of being the head without the responsibility. The bottom line is that both sexes have some work to do and those who have mastered it need to teach those who are lost.

The Shame of womanhood
by: Anonymous

The Woman's Liberation movement has done nothing good, and everything unethical for women. There was a time not long ago where women were treated like ladies because they acted like ladies. Women's morals have taken a nose dive, proved by their dress, language and tough girl image. It is unfortunate that Ms. Steinman created the monsters she did with her "equality" agenda.

The Word of God teaches us how to be precious in the eyes of our husbands, yet we refuse to absorb what the Lord says, but will accept Ms. Steinman as though she knew more about us than God our creator knows. We are not equal, as women, to any strong, healthy man. We are the weaker vessel since we were made from man himself. Acceptence of our place is hard for some to understand, thus following a false god instead of the Supreme Being. Divorce would be nearly non-existant if we followed the Word of God instead of our own selfish desires.

When I consider the way a majority of our gender behaves, it makes me ashamed that I am a female.

biblical marriage
by: Anonymous

The bible assumes a master-slave relationship between men ans women. a biblical marriage for a wife was slavery. If that is what you want, I guess some people are not made to control their own actions and need a "master" to tell them what to do. A strong, independant woman does not need this. God is good, the bible is not.

feminism isn't the problem...
by: Anonymous

so i want to challenge that feminism is at fault. essentially, feminism is a lens/framework to deconstruct, challenge, and organize against all oppression-- not only gender, but also race, class, sexuality, and it goes on. from there, we move onto very different strains of feminism, some do advocate sameness, some advoate for equity (not equality), and others promote gender essentialism.

you may agree or disagree with feminists frameworks, but one thing feminism does that is very constructive is point out that our society oppresses both men and women. feminism's goal is not to oppress men- it's about destroying patriarchal norms that oppress all of us. basically it gives us language to confront our society that misleads us in many ways, particularly as it relates to gender. from there, you can make your own conclusion about what that should mean

now i'll jump off my feminist soap box :) and also point out that it is some level of blindness to think that the media just depicts men as helpmates and women on top. there are many, many pictures of men leading and women helping, or even both genders sharing roles. anyway, it's men primarily running the media so talk to them. :)

my personal analysis is that the women's movement (or feminist movement) did a great job at opening up opportunities for women and trigger conversation and action on gender oppression (particularly violence against women). in turn, women were able to enter a lot of spaces that had existed as men's spaces and in some ways defined masculinity (e.g. the corporate world, policemen, etc). i think that's part of the reason men have felt threatened by feminism. what i think would be awesome is if men united like women did, and redefined what masculinity means-- without the patriarchal attitudes that supported violence and limited them to certain roles-- and created a new version of masculinity that supports and builds men up, and that creates authentic spaces for conversation on gender equity where no one feels threatened or oppressed.

ok... so i guess i never really left my feminist soap box :)

This sounds familiar . . .
by: Anonymous

I have a mixed response to this man's comments. I am seeing a lot of angry males out there with baggage about this issue. I definitely see our culture (especially the media) belittling the male gender in general. Even other males are contributing to this. They seem to want to justify their own bad behaviors by constantly saying that all men are that way, and I know you all know what kinds of things they mean by that. But what they are doing does not help them or other men because they give women, especially impressionable young women, the idea that no man is to be trusted, and that it is better to trust yourself and not be disappointed than to trust in a man. I have had to talk to my young son about this and try to brace him up because he is dating now, and has been taught to treat girls with respect. Many young girls have been taught that no guy is to be trusted and that they have no feelings. However, if all these men who are so angry don't try to get over themselves and their own egos and try to have the understanding which they are so demanding of for themselves, the divide between men and women is only going to get worse.

Men & Women
by: Anonymous

I very much agree with this article. I used to be someone who fought to take over every role that I thought was a man's role. I felt I had to prove myself.

But we must remeber that many women who are in that rebellious state did not start out that way. I know I didn't. I was very angry and hurt. My father and mother were divorced due to my father's repeated infidelity and my mother remarried. To my step father, being head of the household held a completely different meaning than what I know it to be today.

To him it meant control. In his opinion woman did not speak directly to God. He felt that God would speak to him and then he to us. If we did not obey it was his responsiblty to hit us. All of his needs were to come first regardless of how anyone else felt.

It was due to this that I ran away from God for so many years. Why would God want me to be in that position.

Today I have a loving husband and I go to a church that teaches that husbands are the head but that they are to love their wifes as Jesus loves the church. My husband is an amazing man. A man that is my head because I respect him, love him cherish him. But he makes it easy because he bends over backwards to earn my respect, loves me, protects me, provides for me, respects me. He never treats me like I am anything but his equal.

Because of the strong christain man/father/husband he is, it is easy to be a good wife. I would never want to be the rebellious girl I was before.

Equality vs Sameness
by: Ameerah

It's interesting that you bring this up. My husband and I often have this same discussion. It is really a shame that a fight for equality turned into a fight for sameness.

Really, equality and sameness are not the same thing. Men and woman are of equal importance, but we are not the same.

It is just like having two children. They would be equal in importance and value, but that does not mean that both of them are exactly the same: Will they have the same strengths and callings? Of course not!

In fact they would not be the same at all, and that is what makes each one unique.

It's also sad to see that, as if they did not take the fight too far by making it a fight for sameness, it has now become a fight for superiority. And, yes, you can see it in the media and in many marriages today.

Many women treat their husbands like children and subconsciously think they are mentally superior to their mates. They treat their men like a joke and then wonder why their marriages are falling apart, or their mates are falling prey to the first woman that shows them the respect that they crave.

Really, it is a travesty! So many women are missing out on the joy and peace that comes with being "in your place" and not trying to fight someone else for theirs.

Many will even read that statement and say, 'What do you mean in my place? I don't have a place that I need to stay in!'

Oh really? So, you don't think that before the foundations of the world, God created a specific place for you. A place of equality and honor? And, if we do believe it, then why do we all feel such a need to try and go out and steal the man's rightful place and, with it, his dignity?

Anyway, I could go on and on. But, I won't...

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