Finding my way back to the bible....... c2-head***

Finding my way back to the bible.......

by Peggy
(Akron Pa)

I loved your part 1 and would have been here tonight for part 2 but my sixteen year old granddaughter and I were having a conversation on the Bible and I totally got caught up in it and forgot until it was too late. We discussed Revelations, the difference between the old testament rules set by God and how when Jesus came the "rules" changed and mercy appeared. She accepted Christ several years ago, but I love talking with her and I do not pretend to know the answers, if I don't know I look it up and then we discuss it. My grandson Luis who is 10 asked me about Easter and why it was an important how did he put it. why did he die and what was the reason. I tried to explain it so that he would understand. I love it when they ask me questions and I find it interesting how I have to pick my words for the 10 year old and with the 16 we really get into it. Well, I will look for the mp3 of the web class tomorrow or the next day. I love your website I finally got to really look at it and found oh so much to help me study the bible. Do you know a good bible reading plan. I have gotten away from the bible, and going to church, because I took care of my parents from 2004 to 2008. My mother went home to the Lord in 2005 and my father this past September. I have to get back into the groove.

I am sorry I am babbling again.. Thank you so much for your wonderful website....

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