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Free Children's Bible Story

by Dian Ramsey

Here is a free Children's Bible Story for Christian parents and kids to enjoy together!

Look Out Giant, Here I Come

"Say, Hard rock. Did you hear about the shepherd boy, David and that big Philistine giant? I hear it is going to be a real big fight."

"I'll tell you, Slick, David is so young and small, and he'll surely be killed."

"I don't know," said Slick. "He told the king he could kill that giant. Says he fights bears and lions all the time when he's watching his father's sheep. I don't think a lion or a bear would be hard to kill. That giant, that's another thing, don't you think?"

"Yeah, I wouldn't want to fight him. He makes the bears and lions look like dogs and cats next to him. I'm just a stone and even I know that much."
"Yeah, you're right," said Slick."Look, here comes David. Why, he doesn't have on any armor. What's with him? Doesn't he know he needs armor to fight that giant? He doesn't even have a sword."

"I don't know," said Hard Rock."Even though I am just a stone, I'd have on everything I could find. One hit by that giant and it would be over."

"You know it," said Slick.

"Does he even have a big stick?" Hard Rock asked.

"Don't see one. This doesn't look good."

"No, it doesn't," said Hard Rock.

"What is that he is picking up?"

"I don't know," Hard Rock said."Looks like stones like…!"

"Surely he's not…OH, NO!"

"What's happening, Slick?"

"He's got me! PUT ME DOWN! Hard Rock, where are you?"

"He's got me, too. What's he doing?"

"I don't know," said Slick stone."I don't like this at all. Where is he putting us?"

"It's so dark in here. Where are we?" Hard Rock asked.

"Feels soft, maybe like a pouch."

"I don't know why he picked us up. Hey, there are other stones in here with us."

"SHH! Be quiet, Hard Rock. Who's that talking with David?"

Hard Rock said,"I don't know, but he sounds awfully big and awfully mad. Says he's going to throw David to the wild animals when he kills him."

"You know," said Slick."If we're in his pouch we'll be fed to the wild animals, too."

"They will spit us out." Hard rock bounced a little in the pouch trying to get a better view of things."We don't taste good and besides they can't eat us. Animals don't eat stones. We';re too hard to chew. They would break all their teeth on us."

"Listen," said Slick."David told that mean old giant he was going to cut off his head and take it back to King Saul and then throw the rest of him to the wild animals. David sounds pretty sure of himself, don't you think?"

"A little too sure, if you ask Me." said Hard Rock.

"OH, NO! Hard Rock he's got me. What's he doing? I think he put me in his sling. OH, NO! I'm getting sick. I'm going round and round."
"Hold on Slick, I'm trying to get out of this pouch to help you."

"Hard Rock, I'm flying through the air. I'm headed straight for the giant's face. HELP ME! Please, His eyes look like they are on fire. OH, NO! I can't look."CRACK."

"Slick, what happened? Are you all right?"

"I'm falling. I think I hit the giant's face. I closed my eyes when David threw me. What's David doing now, Hard Rack?"

"He's getting the giant's sword out of his hand. I think when David threw you, you're hard head must have killed that big mean giant. Hey, He's going to cut off that giant's head to take back to King Saul."

"Well, what do you know? There really is a God. He really did help David kill that mean old giant. It had to be God, because David was too small to do that on his own."

"You got that, Hard Rock. God made David a real hero."

"I'll tell you right now Slick; I don't think I want to go on any nore giant killing adventures. This has been entirely too much excitement for me. I just like lying around doing nothing."

"You know, Hard rock, I've learned a lesson today. I didn't have a lot of confidence in David when this all started, but after seeing what faith David had in God, it has made me know that we could all do the same kinds of things if we had that same faith. I was scarred to death when David threw me at that giant's face, but David didn't bat an eye. He knew all along he was going to win."

"I guess you're right Slick. If that little young shepherd boy can kill a giant, we all can kill giants. We just have to have faith."

Click here for a coloring page of David and the Giant!

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by: Anonymous

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ac1 NEW
by: Ewan

Ever since childhood, I do like to hear a lot of stories. I do not mind where it is from the bible or not cause some of the best ones that I do love was also from the bible, take Noah and the Arc, Moses and the Ramses. click this link

great story
by: becky

I really like this story my sunday school class really enjoy it. It helped them to understand it better.Hope to see more stories. Thanks

Wonderful story
by: Rich

Thank you for sharing your story. I´m going to tell it to a group of 1st through 5th graders tomorrow evening, and I think it´s just right for this class. I´m going talk after the story about how a little rock can´t hurt a giant EXCEPT WHEN THE GOD OF CREATION GUIDES THE ROCK TO ITS TARGET TO PROTECT HIS PEOPLE, THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL. And God is our rock and our strength when we face difficulties. Also Jeremiah 29:11 says "For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope".

Excellent story!
by: Ameerah

I loved your story! It is excellent. I am sure Christian children and parents alike will definitely enjoy it!


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