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Freedom! Jamie's Testimony

by Jamie
(Casper, Wyoming)

They had something I didn't, and I wanted it. That's the only thing that kept me going back to my friends church. I believed I was a Christian, but they had something I didn't have; a passion for Christ - not just knowledge.

I wanted it, but couldn't figure out how to get it. I was doing all the right stuff, but it just wasn't there. Finally, God got through to me by way of a evangelist at a HUGE youth conference - I needed to give my life to Jesus.

I had the head knowledge. I even believed I was saved because my mom told me I had prayed a prayer when I was four, and I was baptized when I was eight. I was a good person, I had my faults but nothing to bad. I knew all the books of the bible, knew most every hymn possible, took communion at church, had a lot of the bible memorized. Heck, I could even lead someone to Christ - I knew all the scriptures by heart and all the arguments too.

But that night, when I ran to the altar with tears streaming down my face - I finally realized I had been deceiving myself and everyone around me - or rather Satan had done a pretty good job of deceiving me.

Oh! Such freedom as I had never felt before! I was free! Free from the sin, the feelings of insecurity. Free from it all. I was a new creation and I had the passion - immediately - that I had seen others with.

Oh, the joy to finally have what I had been searching for!

My parents saw an immediate change. My teachers and friends saw the change. And they asked what happened? And I told them.

Praise God that He never gave up on me! Praise God that He heard my cry and helped me find Him in His own perfect timing.

Praise God!

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by: Anonymous

Praise God for what He had done in your life. May you continue to be strong and serve Him faithfully in your life. May God bless you abundantly in your life!

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