friction between my husband our 20 yr old daughter and me c2-head***

friction between my husband our 20 yr old daughter and me

Hi. We are all christians in our family of 5. Our middle daughter 20 and a sophmore in college made her mind up she was going to convince my husband to allow her to live off of college cammpus housing for her jr. year knowing that I did not agree. They have been discussing this for a few months, knowing I wanted her to live on campus until her senior year. My husband even agreed with me recently she isn't ready to live on her own in an apartment; however he says we will save about $1,500 by letting her live w/ roommates in this apartment next fall. I am NOT in favor at all and the apartment is where typical college kids live near the campus but "party" alot and the area isn't very safe. I just found out today that my husband went with our daughter and signed a contract for our daughter to live in the apartment for a years contract behind my back and knowing as her mother I had her very best interest at heart! I am mad and hurt at both my daughter and husband for going forward with a new plan knowing that this is not what we agreed upon when she started college as a freshman. Please tell me how I can get over being very angry and hurt at both for making such a huge life altering decision without my knowledge or approval?

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nothing happens without god's permission
by: Anonymous

i am just a kid, im 21. maybe you'll just ignore this, but when a kid is learning to ride a bycicle, the kid has to fall. even if you dont want him to get cut, scraped, or feel any pain, they have to experience pain. pain will teach that kid how to ride that bycicle, pain will teach that kid how not to fall off. if that kid learns to ride a bicycle, going to school will become a lot easier, or going to grocery market for vegetables. life is like riding a bycicle. you as the parent dont want your child to get hurt, you dont want your daughter to fall into a life of sin, sex, drugs, or end up in jail for something that she did while drunk and at one of those parties. right? but let me ask you this, are you confident in your daughter? did you bring her up the right way? SHE IS 20, TWENTY! not a little kid anymore, shes an adult. if you taught her right from wrong, she will make the right choices at those parties, and she will make you proud. who knows, maybe god wants to use your daughter to save some fallen soul at one of those parties. maybe god wants to use your daughter, in the future. but for that, she has to go through it all, all the pain. she has to experience what fornication is, what drugs are, what they do. maybe god wants to use daughter as a pastor, to save lost young souls. god uses the weak to teach the strong, the uneducated to teach the intelligent and wise. am i wrong? god has to form your daughter, he has to test her, to mold her. are you going against the will of your god? remember, nothing happen's without God's permission.

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