Getting over abuse in a relationship? c2-head***

Getting over abuse in a relationship?

I was in a relationship a year and a half ago over the summer. I'd known him for a long time and we were pretty good friends. He was supposedly a Christian, like me, and we said that we wanted to save ourselves for marriage. This was my first relationship, so I wasn't very wise to the ways of teenage boys yet. He told me "I'll love you forever," and I was stupid enough to believe that. Over the two month relationship, he kept trying to get me to do more with him, even though I didn't want to. One night he started doing things I didn't like, and I told him to slow down multiple times, but a few minutes later he would start again. Everything happened so fast that I couldn't/didn't(?) tell him to stop, and that night I left feeling used and hurt. He broke up with me the next day. I just started at the same school as him, and he's always talking about how he's a die-hard Christian, but he's always flirting with all the girls, and I found out he had 4 more relationships the six months following ours. He told his friends about what happened and they probably think I'm sleazy or something, but I really didn't want what happened. Did he cross the line, or is it my fault because I didn't tell him to stop? I'm a teenager, and none of my family knows about this. I've asked for God's forgiveness so many times I can't count them all. I'm struggling because I feel so abused by someone that I thought I would be able to trust, but then I just tell myself it was my fault for what happened. How do I free myself from the guilt I feel from something I never wanted?

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by: Anonymous

U r already long as u aask sincerely, God forgives us! forgive yourself and LEARN from this. We are still flesh so we must be wise about things, try not to put yourself in a surrounding that will enable the ENEMY to have free course. Meaning if ur on a date, be mindful about the TIME, PLACE, these things all play a part in what can happen next....also pray for WISDOM and DISCERNMENT and just TRUST GOD, he will direct you...and he will show you the fruit of ppl, we can't just go on what they say! we're fearfully and wonderfully made....God Bless You :)

Believe God rather than self
by: Anonymous

God has already forgiven you. You just have to forgive your self in accordance with God's law on forgiveness. You are the one that has to let all go and accept the peace, fact, and truth that when God says he forgives he means what he says. If you continue to have trouble forgiving yourself you are in opposition to God. A good thing to do is pray and ask God to help you, forgive yourself. Just talk to him as your Father in heaven. Tell God how you are feeling and why. Then ask God to help you forgive yourself. Keep asking and talking to God until you find the peace you seek. God answers every prayer.

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