God healed me from years of agony c2-head***

God healed me from years of agony

I want to tell you all that God is good and every thing is possible with him.I suffered from Psoriasis for almost 9 years and I tried every possible medicine and nothing worked for me and year by year it got worst and to add to this I had fissure problem that made my life hell.Often I am depressed and had thoughts of committing suicide.But the only one thing I had done is I never stopped praying but not with all my heart because I am some what angry on God for this years long problems but I came to learn that god is slowly working on my wrong things, slowly he made me to be out of my bad habits smoking drinking what not every possible thing.And he always protected me from every possible worst case scenarios.Even though I am not faithful he is faithful.When ever I am so much depressed through his word he comforted me and finally few days back he opened the doors for me and he answered me for my tearful prayers he healed me very fast in five days on my 9 year long problem and is still working on me .Now I am feeling like 90% of psoriasis is gone and I am damn confident that with in few days I will be healed completely and all my inflictions will go for ever. All I want to say is he is beside us when we are in pain don't loose your hope be faithful till the end and praise him for every thing that he has given to us like for food,shelter,job,divine protection, for his guidance and for his might, his promises every possible thing.Then you can see for sure that god works in your life at fast pace.But must is that restrain yourself from every possible bad things, I know its difficult but ask god for strength in weakness and be pure in your heart and in body.You will see the miracles in the same way as I saw.All praise to god and all glory to his might. He is the master healer.Nothing is impossible with him.If you have him you have everything ........

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