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God Heals Depression!

by Joan
(Orwigsburg, Pa.)

Yes, too, was going through this depression, I, too, took the pills, and lived in this drugged state of mind. But as a Christian, knowing the scriptures, we are to have a "sound mind." Only as I poured my heart out to God in prayer was He able to heal me and broke the curse of depression.

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Depression NEW
by: Miss

At the point of graduating from school, it started with a dream. A dream that soon became my worst nightmare. Though I didnt lose touch with reality, the things I saw in my dream followed me into reality.I was fully aware of my surroundings, and I knew seeing, feeling and hearing things that other people couldnt see, feel or hear wasnt normal. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. But the priest told me nothing was wrong with me, that I needed to rise up in prayer. I spent almost every hour in prayer pleading with God to heal me. I also took my drugs. Slowly, the symptoms faded away, and this is a testimony I will never forget. This had led me to believe that what we see in reality has spiritual significance. Most psychological illnesses are linked to unclean spirits (even in the bible we have instances where Jesus cast out unclean spirits from mentally ill people, like the man who dwelled among graves). But Christ has victory over them all. I still battle daily with bipolar symptoms, but I am committing all to God in prayer. His grace is sufficient for me.

God does heal depression
by: mocha

Yes i am such a person of faith and knows for myself that God does heal depression... i agree with we are to have a sound mind...he touches our minds and i have learned to pray, meditate, and read alot...i started off with this book dealing with how to change the mindset from the christians perspective and from personal trials that person went through... from there i went to another book to christian based to help keep the mindset and it is working.. sometimes your mind may wander but not to dwell and know that the devil is trying to put a thought there.. recognize it and let it go...dont let it fester and open the door to it againl.. be blessed and encouraged...

The Lords Healing - Continued
by: James McKenzie

How great a burden to bear! How amazing that one so perfect and unworthy would choose to receive and endure such anguish that goes beyond the simple flesh. What Love He has for us that he would intercede with the Father in such a way.

But He did this so that we might be saved. As he has offered us salvation for our soul so that we will not perish, He can also save our bodies and our minds from all that the world and Satan would bring against us!

Pray for healing. But also pray for strength and understanding so that you can endure and know his Will.

Put Him before all that you desire. Follow him with blind faith knowing that he will meet all of your needs.

Sacrifice yourself to Him and you will receive that which you ask.

Praise and Glory to our God!


The Lords Healing - Continued
by: James McKenzie

But our Lord is strong and he does not abandon those that know and love him.

Throughout all the years that I suffered He was always there, the only Truth that remained, the only constant in my life.

He was my rock, my anchor and my salvation.

I held on to Him and His presence and He saw me through.

Seven years later He restored me. I knew I had been restored.

I prayed, and I said 'Lord I give this to you. I will trust in you to preserve me.'

I stopped my medications that day. It has now been over three years from that day and I have never looked back, never doubted, even when others have, for Gods gifts are not fleeting but are true and endure forever.

The Lord could have restored me on day one. He could have prevented this illness as well, of this I have no doubt. But there was much work to be done and a road that needed to be walked.

So if you find yourself praying for something that you know the Lord can do for you and it has not yet happened, continue to pursue the Lord. Do not falter in your conviction and if you grow weary acknowledge that the time that the Lord has appointed has not yet come and then ask for the strength to endure.

Philippians 1:29 speaks to our suffering, 2nd Corinthians 12:9 speaks to how Paul learned the importance and value of suffering for Christ.

So as you endure those things that you suffer from do so with great joy! Know that our Lord would not ask of us anything that He Himself has not already done and endured.

When Lazarus was ill, Jesus delayed in coming for there was a purpose that needed to be fulfilled. But even as those around him suffered at the death and loss of Lazarus so too did Christ.

Think about what depth of Love Christ has for us that even He would be moved to tears for our suffering.

When you read John 11 pay special attention to verses 33-38.

Most talk about how John 11:35 represents the shorted verse in the Bible. How trivial such thing is when you consider the very depth of emotion that was upon our Lord Jesus Christ that he would weep for us...

Luke 22:39-53 demonstrates this as well. See how he suffered knowing full well what was about to happen and yet in his hour of distress he demonstrated his Love and compassion and healed the ear of one that had come to arrest Him.

Most think of Christ's concern for what was to come in human terms. We know what they did to His body but most do not understand the reference when Christ asked for 'this cup to be taken from me'.

There are things far worse then what the world can do to our bodies. In order that Christ could die for our sins he had to take on ALL of our sins. But sin is not without a price for with it comes the wrath of God. So not only did he have to endure what was done to his body and all of our sins but the full measure of Gods punishment for that sin.


The Lords amazing gift of Healing
by: James McKenzie

Our Lord has promised healing. It is even one of the gifts from the Holy Spirit.

Healing requires great Faith and cannot occur if you are in doubt. You must be willing to put yourself before the Lord and sacrifice all to Him.

Turn to Him, let him be the Lord of your life. Give up control, give up all that the world has taught you to be true.

The Truth that is given to us from our Lord Jesus Christ is contrary to the ways of the world and what the world holds to be true.

Let it go, seek Him out and lay it all at His feet so that He may give you His Truth.

Learn to let Him lead you day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second. Rely on no other for your guide both spiritually and physically in this world as well.

Give him the Glory, ask for what you need but always put his will first.

Remember how Jesus taught us to pray in Matthew 6:5-15.

These are not words that are simply meant to be repeated but are a guide to the structure of prayer.

In all things that you might ask for, always defer to His will. If you do this and what you are asking is not in line with His will He will reveal to you what is, so that you may receive. Matthew 26:42 demonstrates this.

The most amazing scripture I have found that demonstrates true Faith against all odds is one I never hear anyone talk about. I found it so amazing that it brought me to tears the first time I understood what I had read (I don't know how many times I have read it before but lacked understanding).

Matthew 15:21-28 reveals to us how we must come before the Lord so that we may receive what we have asked.

Here a woman who was not a Jew sought out Christ. Christ ignored her but yet she pursued. His disciples finally asked that Christ send her away but he did not do this.

When the woman came before Christ she presented her self with humility and conviction.

As she knelt before Christ she made her request.

Christ rebuked her, and quite strongly, but such was her Faith, so great was her need that she accepted His rebuke and spoke a statement of such Faith that Christ acknowledged her before all that were present and her request was fulfilled.

I find this instance of Christ's compassion and healing grace to be one of the most moving and reveling of all those that are recorded in the scriptures that the Lord has preserved for us.

I once suffered with mental illness as so many have and continue to suffer.

One morning I woke up, spoke a single word to my wife and then disappeared into the oblivion that came upon me.

The world that I had known was gone. What I knew to be true in this world was no longer true, reality was no longer something you could describe as the scientists do, but was instead replaced by the chaos that was now free within my mind.

As the world slipped away I was carried away, lost upon a stormy sea that threatened to swallow me up and leave nothing left.


to the person who has tried to let go of meds
by: mocha

let me share with you... i have been i think on almost every medication for depression and bipolar... sometimes the side effects outway the dazed and drugged up state of mind that the devil wants to see us in... but i had been praying for a long time... i used to get well taking them and then stop cause i felt good and did not need them and it was a cycle stop start etc... but i do understand... no by anymeans are you crazy... God understands his people.. he knows what we go through and he knows that you love him and you are not a fighter... you have proven that by saying no to the devil.. he will not win!!! you keep saying victory is mine.. i am victorious cause God says i am... i am an overcomer... i can do all things through Christ whom strengthens me... it is not going to be easy but a breakthrough for you will happen... i will pray for you.. and like wise you all pray for me... we have to daily practice being stable... and watch our words cause the devil will use them against us.. and just wait God is going to do something for you and he is going to touch your mind and renew it and restore it... because you have asked... because you seek him... just keep calling on him and in his time you will be set free...god bless you

by: mocha

i was and still labeled by medical physicians at one time major depression with psychosis and then bipolar entered the picture... i can tell you that God does heal and that you too can have emotional healing... emotional stability...it is a daily practice and i starte listening to these cd's about emotional stability biblically speaking and reading as well...for years i had been bound.. in bondage... but one day i was praying and thank u jesus my breakthrough has come... i am no longer bound by depression... moodiness... anger... i am learning to practice being stable.. realizing that yes we love family and friends but those are there problems and we cannot fix it... we can listen but not get too caught up because it can bring you down as well... so you learn to shake it off... shake off that spirit and rebuke the devil..therefore it is said he is a liar he comes to steal, kill, and destroy...that is his job.. but let us not make his job easy... speak life words instead of death... positive instead of negative... what god has done for me he can certainly do for you... be blessed and know that jesus loves you so very much... he can heal you restore your mindset and take all the mess that once messed you up to begin with and turn it around for your good instead of bad...

God heals
by: Joan

Yes, I will pray for you. Satan wants us to be bound in chains, telling us that there is no hope. But Christ, who has conquered sin and death has overcome it all for us. "Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world!" May God give you peace.

by: Brendadette Henry


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