by Judy Rouse
(Braselton, Ga.)

After 32 years in the transportation industry, being on call 24/7 ,stress caused me to leave. I didn't have a clue what I was going to do, but I knew I needed to be employed. Two months later, I got a job within 5 miles of my home.
Three months later,my mother suffered a stoke, which led to other strokes, and her death within 3 months. Four months later, my husband suffered a heart attack and needed immediate by pass surgery. Eleven months later, my youngest grandson was born with three heart defects and had open heart surgery at one week old.
God knew-He knew I needed a job near home that didn't require 24/7. He knew I needed employers who always said go take care of your family, your job will be waiting when you get back.
Four years later, my sweet brother went home to the Lord, suddenly and unexpectedly. My husband has another heart attack and then suffered respritory failure.One year after that, my 37 year old daughter, the mom of my heart grandson, was diagnosed with breast cancer, underwent chemo and a double mastectomy.
Again, God knew---He had placed me exactly where I needed to be---and he has walked with me throughout these trials. I know my Mama and my brother both walked closely with the Lord and I know they are home and at peace. My husband, though retired earier than he planned, is alive, an active deacon and worker in our church. My grandson is playing every sport he can, and his mom is almost 4 years cancer free. I am blessed beyond measure!
At the time I left my career in transportation I had no clue what was in store for me. Never would I have imagined so many trials. Only after the first year did I even realize that God had a plan all along. He has kept me strong and healthy in order to keep working for Him always~
Oh, yes, I forgot--just a week before my daughter's surgery, I had surgery on my leg to remove a melanoma that had wrapped around the muscle. I forget because I never doubted that God was going to take care of me---He did, He does, He always will!!!!!

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