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God's Helping Hand: Fergus' Testimony

by Fergus Davar
(Mumbai, India)

Hi, my name is Fergus Davar. I would like to tell whoever reads this about how I turned to God after I realized what He has done for me. There are two instances in my life where I know I have seen God supernaturally helping me out and I stand as witness to them both.

It was my second year in junior college. I did not study at all; in fact I used to be more interested in other things than in my own studies. I failed that year because I failed in Physics, Chemistry and Math. I do not remember crying during my failure but I was really depressed & I cried out to God to help me out.

I worked hard for my second attempt. My parent somehow managed to set me up for private tutoring and the tuitions were expensive. The tutors we got were not worth the money. They had not even completed the study portion, despite me putting in late nights for study & attending lectures practically every day. At the time of the exam I was only prepared for only 60 marks out of a 100 marks paper. I would cry out to God every exam day because this second attempt of mine was where I put in the hardest work that I had ever put in my entire student life.

Each subject had two exams. Physics & Chemistry went well enough for me to make it through. But Math I, which was supposed to be easy, went very hard. It was the paper I was supposed to score good marks on to help me make up marks as Math II was tough.

I came home and cried. I felt that I would lose another year in spite of working hard this time. I cried, prayed and studied continuously. I prayed saying God I will not give up. I will not give up, and if I do fail, I will study harder.

I then slept that night for only two hours. While sleeping, I opened my eyes at one time and I saw a light far away from my window. It was traveling fast and coming to me. It soon hit me while still in bed. It was green in colour and this light was all around me. It felt like a shock from within. I then fell back to sleep.

I got up that morning. I felt different, confident of the exam. I was studying my stuff with greater ease. I finally gave the Math II paper that day and it went so well that I even got excited during the paper. Even though I made a few careless mistakes in the excitement, I made up enough marks in Math II to just pass in Math. This is how I have cleared my second year...with God's help.

The second miracle I witnessed was when I had just finished my pre-lims for my final year in college. My dad's uncle came down from the UK; he was a national boxer during his time, so I wanted him to help me in my boxing I had been doing.

The thing is that he had come down with his wife and 2 of his 6 daughters, who were married and even had children. I fell madly in love with the younger daughter (just because she was attractive and showed me more than she should have). I was so badly infatuated by her that even when she went back, I used to write to her and even phone her. She led me on as well.

My parents were the only ones at first who knew about it. There used to be fights daily at home with my parents trying to drum sense into me, but I was convinced she was meant for me. The reason I was convinced was because a few months before meeting my uncle's family, I dreamed I met a foreign woman in my Grandmothers house & that house was precisely the place where I met my uncle's family.

I even asked God to give her to me. For that, I would serve Him for a year. But, even if God would not give her to me, I would still serve Him for a year. So I volunteered in Asha Dan (a home run by Mother Teresa’s nuns that dealt with diseased street people). I used to give the people in the men’s ward a shave and cut their nails (hand and feet). I used to think about her so much that I was dreaming that she was having affair with other men then I even suspected that the best of my friends were involved with her.

It was during this time that many a times I saw the crucifix with Jesus hanging from it appeared on my wrist of my right hand, formed by my own hair and veins. This was no hallucination as I even showed this to my mom and she saw exactly the same thing to the very same detail. Its not that I recovered from this because very soon I dreamed that she was gang raped and killed. I was leading my self to destruction. I then dreamed that I seen both her and her sister in heaven ... I was going mad and started thinking myself to be an angel.

It is with a lot of love and endurance from family and a very few friends that I came out of it after about 2 years. It is only when I recovered that I had realized what I had been through. It was as though someone (took away) / shared my pain.

Yes I know that my family did go through a lot of pain too, but I believe that Jesus died & paid the price for my grave sin of craving for a married woman. I believe that it was Jesus who strengthened and made my family more understanding. Before this incident, many times I have been asked to leave home because my parents would say that I was the cause for all the fights at home. But, after this incident and my recovery, I wanted to leave home, (go into the villages and preach the Gospel for I had learned that Jesus was real, was God’s son, was God & was really our Saviour) but then my parents cried and even fought with me to stay with them.

I have learned through all of this that God truly loves us. Even the love we get from a fellow brother or sister, that love too is sourced from God. The greatest symbol of God’s Love is the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins that we as a people have brought on our selves. For the love of us His people, God gave up the most precious thing that was His, and that is His own Son Jesus Christ.

I believe that Jesus died because God is just & at the same time loves us infinitely. His justice needed the price of sin to be paid, which was death. His love for us, made His own Son Jesus pay that price for us.

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Excellent story! NEW
by: Susan Fernando

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God always forgive us if we apologize NEW
by: Anonymous

God always forgive us if we apologize the god with the true heart he loved us more than anything in the world I read your story your story is very painful I pray to god that god give you strength and now I publish your story on buy an coursework online for the other to read and get lesson from your story

God's Helping Hand NEW
by: Micheal Elijah

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Great post indeed NEW
by: Jennifer

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by: Anonymous

hey I just have a quick question just to be sure i understand what i read.. you fell in love with your great uncles daughter so doesnt that make her ur great cousin??

God's unique way to lead you
by: Anonymous

thanks ferguss for sharing honestly all that you went through. It is nothing but God's abundant grace that delivered you from all your problems leading you to salvation.

yes, God is real!
by: Anonymous

September 10, 2008, i was working in Qatar when I encountered a big problem. My co workers destroyed my good name to our employer. I nearly lost my job and was facing in deep financial trouble. I prayed hard in the dark room , my eyes closed and suddenly i felt the urge to open my eyes. I saw a very bright light standing still behind me. I was so scared i ran outside and did not finished my prayed coz i was shaking in fear. Many nights and weeks then month of sleepness night thinking about the light and finally i got the answer. Its Gods spirit, he answered my prayer and my sister agreed to send money to my mother every month. Praise the Lord!

by: Cliff

I have read your statement and I find it very disturbing, 1 Cor. 13 tell us to test ourselves to see if we are in the faith, other scriptures tell us to test the spirits, the only way we can test this is against what is taught thru Gods word,the commission Jesus gave to the apostles in Math 28 he tells them to teach others what He had commanded them to teach which is the gospel, Romans 10 states that faith comes by hearing of the word and how shall they hear without a preacher, Also God is no respector of persons, so I find it very strange that God would have picked you and how do you know that this light was from God 2 Thess says that God will send a strong delution to those who will not believe. How come many others also claim to have received visions etc and claim that God spoke to them but what they teach and the doctrines that they follow are different to yours, the scriptures say that God is NOT a God of confusion. There are plenty of scriptures that teach that there is only ONE truth about any given teaching or doctrine, and if you are not following the teachings that the apostles taught then you got a big problem. Who do I believe, I base my faith and trust in the word of God with no additions and fantasies. All the different denominations with their various and mostly opposing doctrines make a mokery of God and His word, 1 Cor. 1 1-10

My situation is just like yours!
by: Anonymous

God bless you for your testimony! I have just been praying to God and praising him in advance for some resit exams I have too. Had one today which came in two parts like your exams. I didn't have the best feeling when I had finished them both but I know God is able. If he can move mountains, he can make sure I pass this exam and the others to come! Just like you I haven't been very much interested in my studies, but for these second attempts I have studied more than I have ever studied in my whole life!

From reading your testimony I am reminded that God doesn't forget covenants we have made with him. He doesn't force us to make one but when we do cry out and say things like "If you do this for me, I will do this in return for you", we have to make sure we honour them! Continually he has done his part but I have received the blessing so many times and just forgot! I pray that God starts bringing all my promises made to him back to my rememberance so I can start working on them and to shine his grae on my undeserving self again and get me through these resits!

Thank you again for your testimony. God bless you! Praise Jesus!

Praise the Good Lord !!!
by: Michelle. A

Hey Fergus,

That was really inspiring. You spoke right from your heart. People may get healed of all their sorrow just by reading ur testimony.

Maybe, you are one of God's instrument's.

Keep spreading His message of Love and Possibilities.

After all we are nothing without the Almighty, even if our sins are as red as crimson He shall make it whiter than snow.

God Bless always......

"where sin did abound, there did grace much more abound"
by: James Friesen

"Where sin did abound, there did grace much more abound", Fergus. "Christ didn't come to call the righteous...but...sinners to repentance." Your testimony is really inspiring, Fergus and shows, once again, that God is at work, calling out those that are pre-destined to be saved. History abounds with those who are sinners, saved by the grace and mercy of God. Thankyou so much for sharing. I would encourage you above all to press on for God.

by: Anonymous

Fergus.... if God has chosen u ,he is with you ,no matter what... gr8 testimony yaar


Thank you so much for sharing!
by: Ameerah

Thank you so much for sharing with us! Reading your testimony was such a huge blessing. I am sure others were blessed by it as well.

God Bless!

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