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by Anonymous

PLEASE PRAY for me, that I recognize GOD's voice when He is speaking,leading and guiding me about my marriage and life. I don't move or make any decisions until GOD tells me.

GOD grant me favor to remain steadfast, and that I grow closer to you.I am desperate for GOD, I am nothing without Him.

Pray that God help me to let go of my husband and marriage and release it into His hand and let God have His way, His supernatural power move and His will be done and stop worrying about it.

God fill my heart with His peace, confidence, and power to move forward into the abundant life He has for me! That I lean not on my own understanding but fully believe and trust in God that He knows what's best for me and that He is in control.

Pray that God increases in me and I decrease, and more, more, more of GOD and none of me. Increased Faith, Strength and Patience and a deep hunger and thirst for GOD and I have a sound and kingdom mind and that GOD control and adjust my mind and keep it stayed on Him.

GOD create a clean, new heart, new attitude with a renewed and discerning spirit. God's peace, grace, mercy, supernatural favor, miracle and power is always with me. That I obey the Word of God and allow Him to work in my life and marriage. AMEN

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by: Anonymous

Thank you for posting the prayer on the net so more people can see it. May our Lord Bless and keep you in all of your ways. Amen

Pray for Carmolitos
by: Anonymous

I live here in Carmolitos Housing Development in Long Beach Ca. with my husband of 21 years and our 4 teens. The 2 oldest have left home. So we have 6 kids. We have been here for 10 years. 3,000 Moms, children, some fathers live here mostly single parent homes. We need Jesus. The Lord has been asking me to pray, share the gospel and make myself available to the Community to share Gods Love. Ok I accept my assignment. But, I need help. I've tried getting community church's involved. The come for a couple of months then leave. So I?m going out on my own. My prayer is...
Father show me the other saints that are here. Wake they up, get them out of their homes. Bind the spirit of fear. You send the help. Brake the back of homosexuality, hate, child abuse, sex addiction, poverty mind sets, prejudice, drug abuse, drink. Father please send your love, your anointing. We need you. The children that cry day and night need you. The single teen mothers need you, the 3 generation residents need you. The teens need a hope and a future. Jesus in your name send you spirit to open minds and hearts to the gospel.Show them a new life in you. Show them your love, show them your peace. Bless the parents to love the children and be tender with them. Take the stress and pain of the past away. Bless them in your word. Bless them to see and accept your grace and mercy. The enemy comes to steal kill and destroy. Send your Holy Spirit with his gifts to touch, bless,renew,restore comfort and give peace. Send others to PRAY For CARMOLITOS... In Jesus name Amen. Thank you and bless you.

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