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God's Strength To Stand for Our marriage!

by Agnes

I have been through so much over the past 2 years...my loving husband of 25 years has been involved with a much younger woman since 2005! He is 50 yrs old like me, and this ''girl'' is 27!
I was devastated when I found out, but instead of seeking marriage guidance or counselling or any other worldly solution, I sought a Biblical route to marriage restoration!

Even though my husband wants a divorce, I do not, and I have made it clear that God is in charge, not us! So even when my husband becomes upset or angry for whatever reason, I respond always with a LOVING answer. I have learned that this is what God wants.There are many times when I have to ''zip my lip'' because the human part of me wants to strike back with harsh words, but instead I remain calm and this really destabilizes the enemy.

We must always remember that the enemy is NOT our spouse, but the devil himself, who has come to confuse and destroy our covenant marriages. With prayer and fasting and spiritual warfare, we can support God and glorify Him as He goes about changing the hearts of our prodigals. At the same time we know that our hearts and attitudes are being changed for the better, and that when God has perfected our spouses to be the husband/wife they were meant to be, that he/she will be returned to us!

In the meantime, we must be faithful to our spouses, even though at this time they SEEM not to care. We must also be obedient to God and agree to do things His way. God is able, and we must have the faith to trust Him 100% to restore our marriages in His own way and in His perfect timing!

Please let's all learn to be patient, and faithful, and obedient. We know that there is NOTHING God cannot do. When our marriages are fully restored, our Lord's name will be glorified, and our restoration will be permanent as our marriages will have been rebuilt on the solid rock of Jesus Christ.

What more could anyone wish for?

Please do not despair! God is with us and He will see us through!

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Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the testimony. I am goiing thourgh a similar situation. After 25 years of marriage my husband left me for my partner. My husband is actually staying with the women and she has come into lots of money and it sounds like my husband is busy losing everything.

I am standing and with the help of Father I believe everything will be for His good, and I will also have a testimony.

It was of great help reading your testimony. It help realizing you are not the only one.

Keep your faith and with His Grace we will win.

Never stop showing them love!
by: Agnes

Dear Lorraine!
Thank you for your response.

You mention that you are having difficulties with your sister-in-law. May I encourage you to continue to show her your love , for in doing so, you are showing her God's grace, and this is something which the enemy CANNOT tolerate. He'd prefer for you to be screaming at each other, causing only more confusion and disunity in the family!

I know that sometimes it is hard to keep calm and to respond in a loving way, but believe me, it is the best way to behave. Just take a deep breath and remember God's love for each one of us, and you'll be surprised how much better you feel when no matter what your sister-in-law may do or say to you, you have the grace to respond with LOVE! She will be amazed, but eventually she will understand that you are not just ''talking the talk'' but actually ''walking the walk''.

Please be encouraged, and God will give you the strength and the grace to cope. Showing God's grace in these situations actually empowers us, because we do not respond as the enemy would like us to respond.Instead of harsh words, we use gentle words; instead of seeking revenge, we choose to forgive!
In this way, the glory is always God's.
You know God is right there with you, so do not fear!

Your sis-in-Christ,

God is faithful
by: Lorraine

Hi Sis-in-Christ,
I was really blessed after reading your encouragement to others who are going through the same thing like you. I am really amaized at how calm and loving you continue to be after finding that your husband is being unfaithful to you. From the way that you respond to him, I can tell that you are indeed filled with the holy spirit. Because, it is only a person who is filled can operate like that. It has really encopuraged me because presently, I am going through a situation with my sis-in-law and at times, I feel as though I want to lash out at her. But, thanks to God, he restrains. I agree that as children of God, we must allow God to lead and direct our path. God Bless you Sis.
Love never fails

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