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Growth in Career

by Arthi Srikanth
(Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)

My husband has applied for a leading Business school. He has completed all levels of the interview for this. However, due to lots of legalities with the college, the admission results have been postponed and is still being postponed without a specific timeline.

Since his senior management is aware about this, he has missed a very important and long awaited promotion. The situation at the office is very much depressing and vexing for him.

He seems to have broken down due to this pressure.
I would like you to pray for him and his results as this B- school admission has been his passion and ambition.

This has affected him so much that he is not able to concentrate at his workplace and at home.

I ask you to pray to God to be there with him through this difficult time of his life.

I pray that God will give your husband favor with those in charge of his new college position and give them wisdom and guidance in how to speed up this process for him. I also pray that God will be with your family and your husband especially, and that He will keep him in perfect peace as he waits patiently for the position to be ready.

God Bless,

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Prayer request
by: Dian Ramsey

You have my prayer. Remember the virse that tells us if we only have the faith of a grain of mustard seed. We too can move mountains. I pray that your husband has that faith and that the college will speed up the process for your husband.

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