Help! Family losing faith! c2-head***

Help! Family losing faith!

by Justin

I'm a 14-year-old kid who grew, and is growing up in a family of 7. As a child I was raised in a christian family: went to church, prayed day and night together, did fun little christian activities with the family. But when I got into my earyly teens, my mom became an athiest claiming she was only a christain to avoid hell. I then find out my dad doesn't know what to believe anymore. It was a critical blow to me and it took me a while to recover. eventualy I accept that my mother's an athiest, and I still lov her all the same. For the time in bettween I sighlently worried about her. She was reading books about athism at first; people who were once christians but now arn't, then she started to read books more christan based, like one where the subtitle was "Why christianity didn't need a miracle" and others chrisaned favored. I sarted hoping she was coming back. We stopped going to church when my mother became an athiest, and I had started going back by myself, and thankfully my mother was respectfull so that she could drive me. I was no doing fine when I suddenly find out my sister doesn't want to be christan. Now it really gets scary. My siblings arn't getting the chance to learn about God let alone make their own decissions. Both my parents grew up increadably faithfull, but appear to easily be losing faith now. I have endlessly worried weather I would lose faith one day, even if I love and follow God all my life, despite the verse "Tomorrow will worry about itself". I'm scared for my family and me. I feel alone at home and scared to pray or read the bible, without insulting my family. Why am I the only one in my family who claims to have a relationship with God. My question is what do I do to bring holyness back among the ones I love, and how can I protect my faith so I don't lose it as well?

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