honoring a forced marriage c2-head***

honoring a forced marriage

by Monique
(New York, NY)

I was living in a "Christian based" shelter when I turned my life over to God and while I was there I met a man 14 yrs my Sr. but we hit it off good and he excepted the 3 children I already had and I felt good about him. But then the pastor and his wife who were running the ministry said that we couldn't go anywhere together we couldn't even sit next to each other during class or church and they even tried to tell us that we couldn't speak on the phone. They said if we wanted to do any of those things we had to get married. So after only 3 months of knowing each other we married, and I had a feeling that I shouldnt have but I had moved to Florida for up North and I had no family or anything else in Florida and I think I just thought this would be the solution to my problems. But immediately he started complaining about the way I dressed, what I was watching on TV, What books I was reading, what music I listened to and he was saying things to my oldest son like "your mom doesn't like to watch cartoons but I do" or " dont worry about it Daddy will get it for you" now at first the kids were calling him Papi which was fine cuz they call their natural father daddy then we got married and he just started referring to himself as daddy and a bunch of other things that within the first week of being married I wished I could have reversed my choice. Its only been 4 months and I am not in love with him but I feel guilty for even considering divorce. So my question is in a situation like this... Am I still bound by the rules of divorce, Does God still expect me to honor this marriage and deal with it until either adultery or some other thing that is laid out as grounds for divorce in the Bible?

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