How do I be optimistic c2-head***

How do I be optimistic


A couple years ago I dated a guy. And it was my first real relationship. We talked all the time and it was clear that I didn't want to get physical. One day he broke up with me because I wouldn't be with him. When it happened I thought that we were on the same page about the no physical thing. He seemed like the perfect guy. But he ended up just playing me. I've mostly gotten over that now but after that happenned I got depressed for a long time and that affected all of my life. I'm not depressed anymore but now my coworkers still avoid me because try think I don't want to talk. Ive made a lot more friends since then and I've lived mostly normally. But since then I've kind of kept myself from taking chances and falling in love again. So my issue that I wonder about eveyday is will God ever send somebody for me. Many of my friends are wing engaged or getting boyfriends but every time I'm interested in someone I overthink it and they end up with my friend.

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You can...
by: Alissa Lynne

You can love again, you can overcome what you have been through and be optimistic...

I will not say life is a gamble for it is is about stepping out on faith and trusting God though, instead of trusting the men right away - seek God when they come to you to meet you...ask God to show you is this is someone who is trust worthy and be prepared to hear His answers and direction...

The key to all of it is to trust God and hear from Him...been there before and I am happily married all things seek God and not your own emotions but what He says to do!

God bless and will be praying for you!!

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