How God transformed my life .. the second part of the story c2-head***

How God transformed my life .. the second part of the story

by Christyan McGriff
(Augusta,Ga. USA)

Well when my third son was a little over a year old, my father died and this hurt me so bad. I met another married man shortly after this and he and I became intimate, nevertheless, I got pregnant with my daughter and I had to tell both men. You would have thought that I would have learned my lesson, but I had not at the time. The married man was trying to be there for me, but I guess it got to be too much so that relationship ended and I still hung on to the second son's father until after this happened. Ok so after all of this... three children, death of mother and father, I went to jail for driving with no insurance and I ended up losing my children to foster care because obviously, I had no one else to care for them while I was in jail. Get this, my daughter's father worked at the police station and I thought he would help me, but you know he didn't. He treated me as though he did not even know me and here I am pregnant with his daughter (eight months). Ok, so I finally got out and the second son's father bonded me out and helped me somewhat to get back on my feet. After jail, I went and stayed with my aunt and one of the requirements from DFACS was that I had to have my own place, well, I had just lost everything and had limited income. Do you know what God did?? God blessed me with a nice apartment, furniture and everything that I needed to be able to keep my daughter and get my boys back home. Before, I moved into my new place, I told my second son's father that I wanted to be alone and did not want to date him anymore, and he felt that I used him and again, he called me names and was angry and hurt. I stuck to what I said and felt though. Anyhow, when I got out of jail, I started walking on a daily basis to prepare for delivery. There was a corner store up the street from where I lived and I went to that store everyday. There was this guy there and he was always smiling at me, being really caring and considerate, and was always asking my family to tell me to call him. I finally called him after giving him the run around and he wanted to go out on a date, but I stood him up. After this, we finally talked at the store one day and he asked me if he could talk to me when he got off from work. I agreed and we talked and I told him the truth about my situation, just getting out of jail, four children with four different dads, and the whole foster care situation. My God, he was so considerate and was so genuine, but I was not receiving that. I told him I did not want a relationship and so he pursued me as a friend only. He started calling everyday to see how the boys were and to see how my daughter and I were doing. He started spending time with us and so on and so forth. I started really liking him and we eventually started dating. He told me that when he first saw me, he knew that I would be his wife, and I thought.. yeah right, he's attractive, funny, smart, nice, sincere, and he loves God, but this is not who I envisioned would be my husband, so we continued dated and we became intimate after about four months. About three weeks after this, I asked hime to move in, I mean it felt right... We began talking about marriage and we even set a date, and when the date came he started flaking out on me, so we had a civil talk about the marriage things after several silly arguements because he did not want to tell me the truth. We decied to wait. I went to go visit a girl friend of mine, and her mother is a licensed minister and we began talking. She asked if my friend and I lived together and I told her yes, and then she began telling what God had placed on her heart. The last thing she said was that it was BETTER TO MARRY THAN TO BURN, so I went to talk to my boyfriend about this and he agreed, but then he changed his mind. I tried not having sex with him and all, and this did not go so well, so eventaully I gave in and continued to have sex with him and carry on the way we had been until one night that changed my life. We had been arguing because the devil was busy in our house and so I went up to go to sleep... I layed across the bed and closed my eyes, but I had not fallen asleep yet. I saw visions of all of my friends and of my sisters and my heart just filled up with so much joy.. I can remember thanking God for each of them and I thought about my boyfriend and I said to God, thank you for letting us meet even though it did not work out, and also saying that thank you for our friendship. After this, I saw my mother and she had on a white gown, and I saw my father, and he was standing next to my mother, they were both smiling and my mother was reaching her hand out to mine, the closer my hand got to hers, it felt like the breath was being sucked out of my body and my father started shaking his head as if to say no, After this I layed there thinking should I get up or just lay here. I decided and jumped up out of bed. I called my girl friend the next day and told her what happened and she went to ask her mother (the licensed minister). Nevertheless, I got confirmation that the devil was coming to take me out because I was not living right and that day, I made a concious decision to start over and give my life to God.. so I went and joined the church and the following sunday, I got baptised. Me and my boyfriend went through ups and downs after this because I completely stopped sleeping with him and he just saw a change in me and he did not like it. He stopped talking to me for about a week, and I continued to pray for him and his salvation and for the lord to work this situation out for us and between us. Check this out, after an arguement, my boyfriend and I sat down and talked and I told him that I knew he was not happy with my decision and that basically, if he wanted to leave, he could. He said he did not want to make a decision, so I told him that I would make a decision for him and I was going to tell him to leave, but before I could he said no, you don't decide for me you can only decide for yourself and he said after this, I have something for us both to decide on... I am thinking what? He said, monday morning get your sister to watch the kids and we are going to apply for a marriage license and tuesday morning we are going to get married. Wow I thought!! So monday came and I am thinking he is going to change his mind, but sure enough, we went to get the marriage license and tuesday came and went, you know the devil got in our way, but I am here to tell you, after I consulted with God.. we ended up getting married on that following Saturday!!!

It was the best decision we could have made for ourselves and our family and things have been so great between my now HUSBAND and I. We have been praying together, attending church as a family, and I am trying to get us plugged into a couples' bible study. I have a feeling that God is going to work through me on my husband because it seems that his heart has been changed in a short time for the good of the Lord and for the good of us, and he is slowly but surely getting into a position for God to do some awesome things with him!!!

Thank you for letting me share this with you and I hope this helps a woman out here that is going into the wrong direction. I love you all and God bless you now and forever!

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wow, thanks
by: Marilyn Brent

that really helps me a lot...i have seven children, two from my first ex-hubby (one before he would marry me), four from the second ex-hubby, and one I fell into sin as a saint with her father, who was molesting my kids....then, 9 yrs later I married an eloquent, Bible-quoting drug addict...and don't have money for the divorce the judge/police want me to get. My ex/s and present hubby were all violent, two raped me by sodomy, one for three years, and it's been crazy trying to keep my offspring, 16,18,22,24,25,30,31 from losing it. Only two are at home, now. I got saved in the second marriage. He molested the kids, for years, probably, before I could understand that's what he was doing. He was a Bible school grad, and his best friend from there was gay. My kids love their perverse fathers and hate me for what they did to them. Ok? I don't get it either! Only my 22 yr old son, who lives here, doesn't think like that. Thank God for him!!
Anyway, that was really encouraging, and I praise God for a workable ending...praise Him.
Let it last, Lord, I pray and let the children be blessed and the parents also. Let Your light so shine to them, that they all are committed to you and your will our of Your fantastic love for them.
Thank you!!! Praise you, Lord. We give you all the praise.

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