How to be nearer to God, in spite of tormenting doubts c2-head***

How to be nearer to God, in spite of tormenting doubts

by Fran
(Hemet, CA, USA)

I am Bi-Polar and sometimes it affects me with horrible depression causing me to feel unloved, unworthy, and totally alone. During these times I doubt everyone, everything, and as awful as it sounds, God too.

I've been a Christian since I was 19, I'm now 60, so there has been many ups and downs over all these years, but the Lord always prevails.

When I heard the video lesson, something became so clear in my mind. Just as I trusted Christ to save me, to come into my life as He said He would, I realized I just have to do the same now.

I may be in bed feeling nothing but despair, but I can CHOOSE, by my own free will to trust Christ to see me through this depression and despair, just as I trusted Him so many years ago. When I came to Him then He did what He promised to do because I put my faith in Him. We as human beings may be unfaithful at times, but never is our Lord unfaithful!!!

I will trust Him now as I did then to take care of me and bring me through this depression, fear and anxiety just as He saved me from sin and eternal damnation. I believe now that feelings are just feelings, nothing more. They are not necessarily true or real, but the promised and the Word of God is always real and true.

Starting now I reach out to you Lord, I put my faith and trust in You and You alone. I believe You will get me through this and You will never leave me or let me down.

Amen, and praise be to God our Father


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by: Kieona

Amen Sister. Here lately I too have been feeling some type of way. I have never had any problems with depression but as I was in the shower I was trying to think of a word of how I felt and the word that came to mind was despair. I just feel a sense of hopelessness. But like you said the Word of God is real and true beyond feelings and emotions. I am in totally agreement with you that we will stand firm on the Word of God and build our faith in Jesus Christ alone and not let our feelings define who we are, or our state of mind but we will believe what God says we are....VICTORIOUS!!

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