I overcame the grave! c2-head***

I overcame the grave!

by Erin Brooke Greeson
(Smiths, Alabama,USA)

My Name is Erin Livingston,

I grew up in a christian home, and my parents stayed together, from the outside it was a picture perfect family.The only obstacle in our way was me!At about 14 years old, my mom got really sick and was away in the hospital for a long time, i was at a time in life when i really needed someone , but didn't feel i had anyone! I began dating guys older then me, and i had my virginity taken from me when i was on 14 years old! As a result, my emotions went wild, i began smoking weed and drinking, and anything i could to escape reality. soon after my mom came home, my sister and I lost our best friend. That is about the time i absolutely lost all care, and dignity i had for myself! I was on a path of self destruction from that moment on! I got pregnant when i was 18, with my first child, his father went to jail, and remains there now, i married soon after, and got pregnant with my middle child,. i was only 21 with 2 kids, and my marriage fell apart, i felt so hopeless! and i became depressed. a year later i married again, because i wanted so bad to have a family, but he too ended up stealing from me, and was a drug addict as well, so the kids and i were alone again. I began going out to the bars every night on my way home from work, and on one of those nights.......I conceived again! I was so upset with myself, i was a beautiful, loving person, with amazing children, but the devil had a choke hold on me, after my first divorce i was a Sunday school teacher, i sang in the choir , I had it together but somewhere i got lost again! Now that i was pregnant with my 3 child and wasn't married, i felt my life was over i became so depressed, but about halfway through my pregnancy God began speaking to me, the guy i was with was an alcoholic, and the relationship was awful, the kids and i got back in church, and despite the stares i got everywhere i went i held my head high and went anyways. After i had Judson, everything about life had changed, i could feel a sense of relief, and newness fall over me. i was so happy . i realized how absolutely blessed i was, i knew things had to change in my circumstances for me to get back where i need to be in my christian walk, and although i felt unworthy and as if i didn't deserve the Grace of Jesus, but i knew my children deserved a brighter future! I packed my things and left , after Brady refused any kind of rehab, so the kids and i were alone,, AGAIN! right in the midst of the Christmas Holidays, our life had been turned upside down. I began to work on myself, and becoming a better person, i started seeing Zak a guy i had been with prior to Brady, he refused to let the kids and i Go, He bought my newest baby highchairs and things to help out in life, and diapers, and talking us to dinner, I had been a cosmetologist for 10 years but need more income for the kids and I so i decided to go back to school, where i am not studying to be a respiratory therapist,Zak and I are happily married, and our relationship with Christ is amazing! the kids are the happiest they have ever been! and he is adopting the baby! God is GOOD, and he can do ANYTHING!

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Great post NEW
by: Anonymous

I've just decided to create a blog, which I have wanted to do for a while. Thanks the give topic is really a difficult task. The writing style of this post is awesome.

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woe what a story NEW
by: Louise

I don't know this person,as everyone else seems to.it sounds like a typical life,we all have had our share of tragedy. But lying about it,is just a laugh. Thanks for keeping me entertained today. Had a great laugh,sorry Erin,but it was at your expense....does that make me bad.

Not others place to judge NEW
by: Terry

I agree with Andy, it is not our place to judge!! To all those anonymous writers.... are you too ashamed to put your name on the line? Why are you judging? Why are you even looking at a Bible Study anyway if that's the way you act? God DID NOT put you on this earth to JUDGE. Everyone has their side of a story, and then the complete truth lies somewhere in between. Sweep around your own doors, before sweeping around others. If you are without sin, cast a stone otherwise, keep your mouth shut!!

Do you know what sickens me? It's other people looking down on their fellow man (woman). If someone needs help, help them don't destroy them.

dont judge NEW
by: H

For the people who may not actually know brady.. he was an alcoholic im not sure if he still is but he was one after his divorce.i know that family pretty well so unless you know for a fact dont call anyone a liar. everyone makes mistakes and erin is woman enough to admit that... she is a good mother i have seen her personally and she is also a great friend to have so instead of worrying about her and her mistakes look at your own life and make sure your hands are clean :)

by: Anonymous

Erin in a slut bucket. Going out leaving her poor kids to drink, smoke dope, and sleep with strange men. Erin caused drama at Jaidens ball games so she could get herself some attention, and tried to ban Jaidens dad from the games. She MIGHT know Jensons dad is, but she sure as hell don't know who Judsons daddy is. DNA don't lie. Brady offered a second DNA and she refused, so she had to hit the road. (JACK) If you want people to stop staring at you, clean your nasty ass up, cover your boobs, ass, and tats, and MAYBE you will get some respect. Good luck with getting a reputable job with your appearance. Brady probably drank himself into a stupor so he could come to HIS house and face your nasty ass. GOD is the only one you should be concerned about. He sees every move you make, and you can't fool him.

Erins Lies NEW
by: Anonymous

Erin plays with peoples lives, especially her kids. I'm not sure any of them know who their REAL father is. Jaidens father was not allowed to see him, even a ball practice, because Erin needed attention, and tried to have him banned from the games. Poor Jaiden. Jensons dad gets to see her when Erin wants to go out, drink, smoke dope, and sleep with strange men. Poor, poor Judson will probably never know who is father is. Brady offered her a 2nd DNA and she refused. After that, he told her to get the ???? out. I'm sure he drank to keep from having to come home to her nasty ass. Maury needs to get his hands on this story, and find the REAL DADDY. Jim, Bob, Billy, Joe, Tommy, ETC. The only one you should be trying to impress is GOD, because when you are used up, HE is the only one that matters. You can't hide from him, or lie to him. The reason people stare at you is because you are a freaking freak. Clean your ass up, and maybe, just maybe, you will be taken seriously.

How Pathetic NEW
by: Anonymous

I am so shocked to see that Erin actually put such lies like this on a testimony website. This is horrible, pathetic, unexusable!! This testimony is every letter of F A K E!!! I understand that no one perfectand anyone can change, but change is evident in your behavior...not what you tell people. She abandoned her kids and ran off to California to party. When she finally returned home, she was placed in a year long rehab which she escaped from after less than a week. She brings multiple men around her kids leaving a string of ex husbands and baby daddies behind. She refuses to let the father her first child in his life because of his past mistakes, yet her past is just as bad. She complains about others actions and behaviors yet hers is 10 times worse. She lies about everyone who holds her accountable for her actions. She is ruthless and will stop at nothing to get her way no matter who she hurts, including her kids. For her to lie about all her ex's is pathetic. Erin, if you are going to lie about your life in your testimony, which is supposed to be a truthful statement of faith, then you will lie about ANYTHING!!!! And we do need to pray for this situation and all the people involved including the children beause they are the ones that are truly suffering.

unnecessary judgement NEW
by: Andy

I read the young lady's story, a hard life and she did say it was by her own choices. We all make mistakes and hopefully we awaken from the delusion that life is to be lived as fast as possible.
to the anonymous writer/s why do you not sign your name, it is easy to attack someone from hidden corners and add to a person's misery, in this case, a curse toward the whole family, It is God who forgives ALL sins, trespass & iniquity, changes hearts and leads into His righteousness. For the sake of the people mentioned in this testimony, why don't you just leave them alone, remember, Mathew 7, "judge not lest you be judged with the same measure". also, "we overcome the enemy by the blood of the lamb, the word of our testimony, fearing not our lives unto death", it is the Holy Spirit who convicts of sins and brings us to repentance. We should be praying for this family that God indeed has begun a work here and will 'complete' that which He has started.

Wow I am Speechless NEW
by: Anonymous

This is such a joke! I have no words, just shocked!

Bahaa Thanks for the Share! NEW
by: Anonymous

I just got this link in my email and I about fell in the floor laughing. It is one thing to lie, but to do it on a bible study website it to much. This girl has more issues that I can count. Now understand I am fully aware that no one os perfect but the lies on top of lies is too much. She needs more than Jesus, possibly therapy and a new brain. What in the heck, I can't wait to pass this joke of a "tell all" I have ever read. The comments about the post have more truth to them than this whole story. She needs to stop posting things online and pay attention to her kids and choice of men.

"She never overcame the delusion" NEW
by: Anonymous

This gave me the hugest laugh today, what a crock of crap. This needs to be shared with the whole town, I would hate to live in this delusion! This is one of the sickest people in the town, she hides behind religion yet uses her kids as pawns to play with their Fathers heads, (the fathers she knows) and tricks men into thinking they are the Father of her kids when they are not. She has a sick obsession with male attention, yet pawns her kids off on her parents. These poor guys she marries may have issues but she is the black widow who manipulates them and heck dealing with her would drive anyone to drinking. THis whole post is lie after lie, and the sad thing is she believes her own lies, I don't feel sorry for her I feel sorry for her 3 kids and trail of ex husbands lives she has ruined.

I wish she would stand in front of the town she lives in and say this exact thing so everyone could see the people that disagree and knwo she is lying she cant do that she hides NEW
by: Anonymous

I know people who make mistakes change and go to church but when you are going behind that image and still doing things to hurt others means you haven't changed one bit. For the fact that you have so many people fooled your latching on that. People know the truth and the god that you claim to worship knows and sees all of this. If your a Christian be a Christian the life that you live you have to lay down at night and ask to be forgiven for all the harmful, hurtful, things you have done plus all the lies that you tell. I can not believe that you half tell your story and have the nerve to get on here and down the fathers of them children that is beyond WRONG. It wasn't until a DNA test was done on Judson that Erin left Brady and that DNA test is proof. I an not taken no sides or defending no one but the truth is the truth. If you had got on here and told your whole story with complete honesty you may have had me fooled as well. The fact that all you have done here was lie shows you have not changed none Erin NONE! Did you mention that the fathers of your children who YOU laid down with and made with them that you keep away the dads dont see these children that is a SHAME that is SAD and it sickens me. I hope you know that one day your children will grow up hopefully want to know their fathers and see that they are great people you will have to answer to them. ABou tthe father who went to jail I dont know him but I know well enough that you are just lucky you didn't caught doing many of things and go to jail yourself yet though you hold that over someones head and keep children away that is wrong and you know it. That wonderful husband you claim to have is just like you did you mention while he also made a child with someone he wasnt there for her he never was but after the child was born he wanted her gone out of the picture even made threats to take care of her. This is almost as bad as a testimony from a murderer in prison

Grounds for a Lawsuit NEW
by: Anonymous

This is considered libel and is grounds for a lawsuit by the people you lied about in this fake testimony!!!

This is a LIE NEW
by: Anonymous

This is all a COMPLETE LIE it sickens me you did this and flat out lied about everything.

This is a LIE NEW
by: Anonymous

This is all a COMPLETE LIE it sickens me you did this and flat out lied about everything.

I can't believe someone would actually do something like this and base it all upon lies. Too bad there wasn't a Erin reality show so EVERYONE even strangers could see this is all a LIE NEW
by: Anonymous

Only one person in life can judge us and I am not the person to judge Erin. What I do know that as whoever posted the comments above are very much correct. This testimony is just like the show she puts on for her family and others. The lord blessed her with the first child that should have been enough to make a life for herself and the child but she was still immature and kept marrying and sleeping with guys. She has a dark side we all would like to blame our worst mistakes on the devil but truth is we are human and we know right from wrong and when you make the choices to continue to do wrong and bad that is on you its your test. Erin you have failed over and over again you can't tell your true testimony you still sugar coat it for attention. Brady is not a drunk he doesn't need rehab, your first childs father is NOT in jail, and your marriage did not fall apart cause one husband was on drugs you both were the same and couldn't get a long. When you run around town without a care in the world allowing everyone to know your business they are able to speak about you. Even though you are married now you still have a dark side trying to hurt others pretending you live this happy life when you know its based completely on pity. Two of your children dont see their dad because you their mom failed to be a great mother don't blame the dads you aren't all perfect as you make yourself out to be. For the fact that you get on here and write about being religious sickens me but you know you will be judged one day if you can live with that then by all means you do so.

Testimony is FAKE!! NEW
by: Anonymous

If you are going to give a testimony for God, please make sure that it is true!! The purpose of a testimony is to show how God has changed you and made you a better person. What is the point of lying about it? The whole testimony is filled with lies. Erin has been married 4 times, not three. The father of her first child is not in jail.

Some thing is wrong with this devotional! NEW
by: Anonymous

Erin did not pack her things up and leave because Brady was an alcholic. She packed her things up because Brady had a DNA test and baby Judson was not his. Her baby was Zacs.

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