Just a Hello c2-head***

Just a Hello

by Jeanette
(Thornton, CO, USA)

My name is Jeanette and I have been saved since 1994. I'm 39 y/o and married to a wonderful man who loves the Lord more than ANYTHING, which keeps me in love with him (my husband) more each day.

I strive to be as good an example of the Proverbs woman as I can for him..........and more importantly for God.

I am also the mother of 2, a 23 year old daughter and a 20 y/o son. They have their struggles, but I have faith that God has a plan for each of them and will work it out in His time. Finally, I have a GORGEOUS AND BRILLIANT 2 year old grandaughter (my daughter's daughter) and we all live in Thornton, CO, just outside of Denver.

I am in a place right now of wanting to be closer to God. Lately have REALLY been wanting to pray, I mean REALLY pray, not just for my situations (not that things are at all bad in my life, just the usual, you know) but to PRAISE Him and to TRULY COMMUNICATE with Him. I just don't feel like I really know HOW to pray. I've asked the Holy Spirit to help though, and He's leading me to some very interesting and wisdom-filled places in my search.

I hope to meet you! I once belonged to an online group of mommies and made some awesome friends.........maybe history will repeat! :-)

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just a hello
by: carol

I just started a diary addressed to Papa (my heavenly father) I write down my thoughts my feelings and questions and in those precious moments I feel Papa's presence and here his voice is our time together when I concerate my thoughts on Him. It really helps maybe it will help you too God bless carol

by: Anonymous

When I find it hard to pray, I just ask God to tell me what I am to pray for. If you jsut sit still and listen, He will guide you in what to pray. God just wants us to have a close relationship with him. He wants us to trust him enough to tell him what is on our hearts and exactly how we feel. If you can express what is truly on your heart to god , then you are praying. Prayer does not have to be a lot of words and sentences, it just has to be what you feel. Let him lead you in whom to pray for and how to pray for them. Just sit still and listen to him and open your heart to him and let him lead you in how he wants you to pray.

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