Just giving glory where it belongs.To God almighty! c2-head***

Just giving glory where it belongs.To God almighty!

by Ave
(Bronx, New York)

I'm not going to write a real long testimony even though God through Jesus has done so many great things in my life! It's not that I don't want to talk long about God, it's just tht I don't have all the words right now. First God kept me alive. I was born 2lbs 3ounces and 2 months premuture in 1966. As we know technology was no where near as good as today.

My father left my life around 3 years old and I only saw him again at the age of 16 where he asked Me for money!Disappointing!My mother and I for awhile didn't have a great relationship.(Now it's much better).God and my grandmother was my rock and who sustained me. I lost a fight in front of all my so called friends as a child which really took all my confidence in myself away. Top that off with being physically abused by my uncle for two years.

As ateenager I had no friends. I was aloner. Then as a adult I messed around on my wife. Man God got me through all that. My grandmother died in 1988 and I was blessed with a son in 1991 who almost couldn't come home with us because he swallowed so much water during his birth. I5 past business failure. I have problems with my neighbors and their music. i had so much anger that I had to talk to a therapist at one time for a short period of time. Thank God He's given me peace now, His word which i speak and his Son who is my vindicator.

I've never thought better. SUCCESS IS MINE!!!
This was too long!!!
Thank You Lord!!

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