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"for I desire and delight in...the knowledge of and acquaintance with God more than burnt offerings."(Hosea 6:6 amp)

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Ebi Philip:
Life of Jesus Christ
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One day the Holy Spirit asked me a question that rocked the very foundation of my faith.

He said "do you really know Jesus?" I answered yes of course! He said "I mean knowing him beyond being your savior
 and beyond using His name in prayers and declarations of faith"?

Now,that got me uncomfortable because I realized that was all I knew about him! I didn't know him like a friend should; his personality, his thoughts,his very

I mean, I had read what the apostles had to say about him, listened to what my pastors had to tell me about Him, even had  friends tell me of their exciting relationship with Him. But I had never really tried to know Him for myself or paid attention to what he had said by himself ( in the bible).

Now that was sad because Jesus is what Christianity is all about, and what better way to know Him than to study His life and listen to the very words he spoke?
Jesus said I know my sheep, they hear my voice and follow me….and no one can snatch them from me( John 10:27-28).
If we hear his voice (by studying His words),we are His sheep and if we pay attention to His words no one can deceive us about Him; no one can snatch us away from him with false doctrines neither would we be deceived by false teachers.

This is NOT Your Typical Study of the Life of Jesus Christ:

Although Christianity is all about love and unity, salvation is personal. So, we have a personal responsibility for our own salvation. We have a duty to know the one we intend to spend eternity with.

Many times we hear bits and pieces of the history of Jesus Christ in church or Bible study, and we leave it at that.

Bonding with Jesus is about truly studying the words and life of Jesus Christ. It's about getting to know him as more than a saviour; to know him intimately; to know him as a friend.

Jesus said "learn of me" (Mt 11:29). What better way to do this than to study His life and pay attention to His words?

I am Ebi Philip and I would like you to join me as I discover more about the greatest personality that walked the face
of the earth!

A Little Bit About Me...

I am sister Ebi Philip. I am a wife and a mother of three. I found Jesus in 2005 and its been a thrilling experience getting to know Him.

My desire is to make Jesus more real to people, to help them discover who Jesus really is. While on earth He had a lot to say about lots of issues; I would like to get people to pay attention to HIS opinions about several life issues, challenges and situations.

It's really exciting because the more I share about Him, the more I get to know him!

Let's do this together…..

I want to encourage comments, responses, discussions and questions, along with any suggestions. We are here to strengthen, learn and discover from each other and to mature together in our walk with Jesus.
God Bless you!

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