long distant relationship c2-head***

long distant relationship

by jayme

I met this guy, by falling on him. we have been together ever since. We clicked right away. he was in my state for work, and to clean up his life, which he did. around 6 months, we split so I could work out some problems with the father of my kids. but I knew my heart was with Jason, so I came back to him. during that time he had applied for a job offer back in his home state. we got back together and that is when he found out he got the job. he decided to go back cause he did not feel at home here in my state. things were going really well with us, and we decided to do a long distant thing, until he got all his "stuff" together. he had a not so good past. we have broken up due to diffifculty of long distant and his heart torn between, loving me, and wanting to be with me, im 1st girl he ever considered marrying. he says im perfect for him.. just that I live 1200 miles away, and his family and his love for where he lives. due to me having kids and the dad I need to stay where I am. we've tried to quite talking and end things but both of us fight everyday with ourself in straining not to contact the other. which we fail to do. he says he's just so torn, as it's first time he has his life together, and he's enjoying his family and loves being home, but wants to be with me.

I am a strong believer in God's plan for me, he is not but was open minded into given it another try for me.
what advice can I give him or myself. we have been trying to end things for 6months, soley due to fact that I can't move, and he's not ready to leave again. (he hated my state,)

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