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by Annonymous

Im 17 and am dating this boy. He is also a christian and we both reallly want to be together and get married one day but the problem is my parents dont want me to marry him and when they found out i like him they went mental :( ... I know its a sin that am with him behind my parents back but i havent got the power to break up because i reallly like him and we keep praying for my parents to accept him but am scared God is angry with me for lying to my parents. I dont know what to do anymore am stuck in this situation and i am usless.

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young love
by: Mary Jean

Dear 17 yr old. I have read your problem and feel for you as we all were 17 yrs old at one time. Your parents are trying to protect you from young love. Look around you and learn from others mistakes by them getting married too young and falling in the traps so many do. Your parents want you to go to school and get a education so that when you do get married older you will know who you are. At 17 you really don't know who you are and what God has for you. At 17 you should be enjoying your youth and following God's plan for your life. Since you feel quilty going out in secret from your parents, God is telling you something girl so listen to the Holy Spirit. Be friends with boys but not serious. Later when you get older you will understand this letter. I learned from others mistakes and married at 24 with a good education and never regretted it. I followed God's plan not my feelings. God loves you and wants the best for you. Do not be afraid to break up with the boy, God will show you the way to go.

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