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Lustful Dreams

On May 17th my life changed, i put my foot down and started truly following the path of god. It is extremely hard and i struggle mostly with looking lustfully at women. Biggest part is how women dress now a days. If they are not wearing something so revealing i don't look at them lustfully. But lately i have not been having so much of a problem because after a few weeks of constant non stop daily prayer iv gained enough willpower to look away, to not even let my eyes wonder. But i still find myself looking sometimes not on purpose but as if there was no way to not see that person.

On May 17th i stoped masterbating, and now that i'm doing so much better than i was before with more willpower and wisdom of the bible scriptures that help me through the moments of temptation and with the holy spirit inside me, it seems these temptations have gone to my dreams. So far this has happened 3 times. 3 dreams that have included something lustful that caused me to wake up from nocturnal emission. In the last dream today i actually was resisting in my dream to do anything. but the woman in my dream pressed on causing the outcome of the 3rd dream. I pray when i wake up, i pray when i go to sleep that these things do not enter my dreams. Im worried that because im trying so hard in life to not have these lusts that they have entered my dreams (possibly a weak spot) I prayed and prayed and realized last night either my self conscience told me or the holy spirit reminded me that i did have a few dvd porn and stories hidden away from along time ago, First thing i did was throw those away. If anyone has any advice on this subject or similar problems and ways you dealt with it please let me know.


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