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Marriage Bible Study

by Anonymous

This Bible study notebook chronicles a marriage Bible study on unconditional love.

Date of Entry:27th February 2008

Scripture(s):" My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge"
Hosea 4 vs 6(a) (KJV)

My thoughts...

Knowledge is power.... Have you ever heard that saying? When a person does not know any better they cannot do any better. To get knowledge you have to seek it, it's there for all of us but we must want it in order to have the power that it gives us.

In the book of Hosea, God told Hosea to marry a woman who was a prostitute and throughout the marriage she was blatantly in adultery! Can you imagine being told by GOD to love an adulterous person! The obedient servant and prophet of the LORD obeyed, but his friends and family must have ridiculed him and thought that he was such a fool.

Hosea took his marriage covenant so seriously that he did not divorce his adulterous wife. Instead he loved her back to him. He loved her unconditionally. The Lord used Hosea and Gomer to show how his chosen people had forsaken him and worshiped other Gods and how through it all He still LOVED them and He forgave them and never broke His covenant with them.

In this day of microwave solutions to all our problems we don't take the time to obtain knowledge and power to fight for the things that the devil is taking away from us. He starts with one person, that one person affects one family, each individual in that family has been deceived by the devil and his quick fix schemes to destroy the world one individual at a time, one marriage at a time, one family at a time, one neighborhood at a time, one community at a time, leaves a domino effect on what GOD sanctified from the beginning
of time.

The one source of our knowledge that will guide us in all our trials and tribulations is usually the source that we look to last. God wants the union of marriage to be forever, 'until death do us part'. When you give up on a spouse, someone that is your one flesh mate, you basically give up on yourself and you give up on GOD and the power that He has to do the impossible.

How will you not perish from a "lack of knowledge?" Read God's words, learn from the people who went through the things that we go through everyday as Christians, the ones who succeeded in their endeavors are usually the ones who were obedient, as was Hosea. Give yourself the powerful advantage over Satan and get Knowledge.

"For wisdom will enter your heart,and knowledge will fill you with joy." Proverbs 2:10

Questions it brought to my mind...

Is your love walk with your mate one of unconditional love? Would you do as God instructed Hosea and marry and remain with an adulterous person? Prayer can change situations but if placed in that predicament how would you react?

My closing prayer...

Heavenly Father, as I seek to know You above all and to love You above all, may You bless me with the knowledge that I need, so that I may not perish but that I may become a powerful weapon to be used by You in this harsh world, in the name of your son Jesus, Amen.

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Jan 05, 2009
This is interesting - I have a question or two about divorce
by: Anonymous

I am a firm believer in the value of loving your mate and staying with them forgiving even if they commit adultery (providing they receive the forgiveness and quit the adultery) since it is clearly possible that a heart can be changed and touched by such forgiveness.

There are questions I have concerning Christian people that get married thinking they've married a believer and they find they were deceived. Some of these young people find out they've married one who is a pedophile. The children are in danger or get harmed by the pedophile. This is the first example of a deceptive marriage that I have questions about.

If a woman marries a pedophile or a homosexual and she finds out her husband is involved with such evil behavior is she free to remarry after she divorces this type of a man?

What about a young man that marries a woman because he committed the sin of fornication with her and she tells him she is pregnant. They marry because he thinks she is pregnant. The week following the marriage she says she lost the baby. After he marries her he decides he will do the right thing since she had declared she was a Christian anyway. During the marriage he continues to find out that her faith is worthless because she doesn't care for holiness or getting closer to God, he also finds that she lied to him about several other things and she is not willing to separate from her parents. She wants to cling to her parents and not her husband.

He is a young man and he feels deceived by many things. He divorces her. Is he free to remarry because of the fact that he was consistently deceived?

One more question about when a person can remarry or not.

A man has been divorced two times. He gets closer to God and wants to please the Lord in all he does. He realizes he lived a life that wasn't pleasing to God in the past. He cannot change the past.

He would like to marry a Godly woman. He meets a woman that follows the Lord. Is he free to remarry?

Is the Godly woman he wants to marry wise if she marries a man that is Godly now but he was married twice before?

I will check your site to see if there are any good answers to these questions.

Feb 28, 2008
Right on time
by: Andrea Goodson

I read your entry on unconditional love and I truly encourage by you words. I am going through a something right now where my faith,love and strength is being tested. Satan knows where our weaknesses lie. He will try to do everything in his power to cause you to fail. It seems like the more you try to do right the more he attempts to want to discourage you or tempt you to lose faith and hope. I am thankful that God is not weary of our prayers. I have been pray daily for strength and help with my emitions. I just want to thank you for your thoughts and ask that you pray for me that God may see me through and make me stronger person.

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