Marriage manipulation c2-head***

Marriage manipulation

my faith is being tested by my wife and step daughter what should i do? I know the bible says the only grounds for divorce is adultery, but their manipulation, selfishness, deception and deep hatred are driving me crazy.


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Be patient
by: Marlene

Hi Dave sometimes when we become so focus on God we neglect those closes to us. But the truth is they are supposed to be the first people we should try to reach for Jesus Christ. We need to have a burden for our family and pray that they come to know the Lord Jesus in the way we do. However, I must let you know that you must ask God for patients and a heart filled with love and compassion for them. Divorce is not the solution to the problem but Jesus is.

God Bless!

Change the atmosphere
by: Mary Jean

Hi Dave, As I was reading your question I recalled what our pastor had to say about changing the atmosphere. He told us when the spirit of confusion comes in a household which I believe you have in your marriage, we as Christians have the authority to change the atmosphere. When we get overwhelmed just start singing to the Lord softly to change the feeling you have inside. I have tried it when there is a disagreement in my household or things go wrong I just sing softly and change the spirit that wants me to be upset and make a mountain out of a mole hill. You must understand Dave that your happiness comes from the Lord, so when things get rough just focus on Our Savior and you will see how the atmosphere changes and will lift up your spirits.
Satan wants you to be unhappy and see another marriage broken, but God wants you happy and in a loving marriage and most of all loving Him who made us in His image.

by: Anonymous

True forgiveness is the key. It is a choice to forgive, not a feeling. Stay in a close relationship with God and he will give you the strenght to do this. Also, when you choose forgiveness and show love and not condemnation of this evil, God's goodness through you can change these people.

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