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Miscellaneous Prayer Requests

by Anonymous

Please pray fervently that Sarah's (our mother) colonoscopy is completely normal, that the preparation for it goes very easy and she is safe under anesthesia. She is elderly and had blood in her stool (not sure if caused by osteoporosis med).

Pray that she is healed of macular degeneration, heart disease (eats correctly - no more trans fats, junk as she has had chest pains), high blood pressure, depression, fatigue (pray she looses weight and body fat quickly).

Pray for Barbara that she vomits no more (she had gastric bypass and is depressed by vomiting a lot). Pray she doesn't drink too much (break this bondage off her God I pray).

Pray I'm healed of the terrible pain of interstitial cystitis, possible ulcerative colitis that has tortured me many years. Pray I'll find best recipes, best info easily and it will heal me (that I won't get frustrated, depressed by food restrictions). Pray for healing for all beings.

Pray the contractor does good job on our house, does all he needs to do, and finishes ASAP as our elderly mother would like to return home very soon (she's been depressed because of the devastating fire we had). But praise God we escaped the fire without harm.

Pray we get reorganized quickly without too much problem and stay organized.

Pray for all the homeless, hungry, elderly, ill, disabled and all those who need to hear from God.

Pray that I will take very good notes in class (two 9 1/2 to 12 hour days) and feel well days of class and that I pass test for work without getting nervous (answering questions I know answer to right away first). I pray I do the same for the second part of the class and second test.
Pray all classmates do well also.

Please pray for our military for protection. Pray for no more euthanasia of any healthy animal worldwide (better animal protection laws).

Pray for Beverly, Morris Brooks who lost their daughter recently. Pray for healing for Jean. Please pray I will remember all I need to at work each time and do a good job. Pray I stay relaxed (may God heal my nervousness; I've had a lot of pain which can cause at times). Pray the same for Sarah and Barbara.

Pray for Earl who we miss dearly and all our relatives, friends, pets. Pray for our missing brother Richard.

Thanks and God bless very much always.

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