My friend ...God c2-head***

My friend ...God

by Estaban Pardo
(pembroke pines. Florida, USA)

Date of Entry:12/09/08

About me...
I am a radical person who likes to think outside of the box... I never stop digging into the word of God until all the right answers are revealed to me.

Phillipians 4:6 ....Be careful for nothing;but in everything by prayer and supplications with thanksgiving let your request be made known to God.....

We tend to get scared to approach God, we tend to wait for real big issues in our lives before we ask Him for help.... you know death or job loss of something huge... but the truth is God enjoys dealing with the little issues in our lives as much as He relishes dealing with the big ones. so how does one overcome this human problem? First, one has to understand that a firm relationship with God "must " be established. this is imperative. everyday a conversation with God must be to him about any and everything...God enjoys stuff like that. Secondly,think of God as a friend... a real friend, and not some big great supernatural being out there in outer space. God is real...and you have to start treat Him as such. You see , God likes to talk, the bible is God's written word..He speaks to us through nature, through His prophets, through His Holy Spirit, God wants to talk. As the scripture says " let your requests be made known to Him"...even if the world and so called friends turn their backs on to God... no one else will listen to to God..He is just a thought away. verse 8 of Phillipians 4:, the ending sentence is what I want you to focus on..." think on these things"... God appealing to our intellect... calling us to "think", because it takes wisdom and intelligence to be a part of God's was Solomon who said that the fear of God is the begining of dont be afarid to sit at the foot of the cross nad ahave a deep soul searching intelligent chat with is the begining of a new and wonderful relationship

My thoughts...The well of God is unfathomable... its the buckets that we bring to the well that are small

My closing that everyone find the courage to look into their hearts and allow God to accoplish His work in their lives

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Oct 09, 2014
Thinking out of the box NEW
by: Mercy

I was drawn to reading this post by the author's self-description of thinking out of the box and never stops digging into the word of God until he is certain that he has all the answers he needs (my paraphrasing). I like that he points out that not only the big stuff but any thing we want to share with God matters to God. Also that listening to God is as we would do with a friend, not doing all the talking ourselves. It has a personal feel to it rather than God being remote or commanding, mainly. For me, I am just beginning to listen.

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