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My Stumbling Block in Life

Hi Ameerah. I was so excited to join your live webcast class online on April 23, 2009. After attending this class I realize that my relationship with the Lord up to this point is based more on fear than on love. I have gone through much pain in my lifetime and I seem to get stuck in my healing. I take one step forward and four back. I keep hitting walls in front of me and want to move forward in my walk with the Lord, but can't seem to.

I think not being able to trust other people and God is what holds me back.

I have been so hurt in the past that I am afraid to reach out. Many of the questions you shared with the class I have asked. I ask questions such as,'Why did I have to go through so much hurt and pain in my lifetime?' It has held me back in so many ways.

You said, without trust, there is no faith.

This has really got me thinking about where I am with the Lord. I love the Lord to the capacity I can at this point in my life. I want and long for a deeper walk.

I enjoyed listening to you, Ameerah. Your talk was so down to earth and I could understand what you were saying. You said you would have another class soon to finish up what we did not cover on 'Why Bad Things Happen to Good People?' I am looking forward to learning more on this topic.

It would be really nice if we could have notes to print out on this class and the next. I truly believe that God led me to your website and what was shared is just what I needed to hear. Thanks Ameerah for being obedient to the Lord. I know many people will benefit from hearing what the Lord has put on your heart. I believe God is going to show me through you Ameerah how to receive my healing. Thanks again!!!

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