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Not alone

Picture By Worradmu

Picture By Worradmu

Well i recently have been going through some dry areas in my walk with God had been strained. I had been hanging with people i shouldn't.I started to put them above bible reading went out the window and prayer life was minimal..other than good morning i didnt speak to God. I was intimate with a man and i went to the doctor to see if anything happened with my foolish choice. I am happy to say my family took it well,they love me and support me. I am waiting for the test results but i already know that nothing will be found. God is the healer. I was found to be not pregnant. My walk was battered with these trial but God will prevail..nothing can seperate us from his love. I was my worst punishment for my actions i wouldn't forgive myself. I kept myself in condemnation..i can say with a clear conscience that i am forgiven by men and God and most by me. I have forgiven this man aswell..for taking advantage of me. It is better to forgive than be in Hell for not forgiving others and myself. Praise God he is my healer and restorer. Slowly i am finding myself in Christ Again. My family is rising with no sign of briuse or battering from these ashes together.

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Not alone NEW
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Not Alone
by: Pat Thacker

Hello Worradmu
You are so right you are not alone!! For God is for you and not against you,he understand our sinning after salvation and has made plans for us to be forgiven through Jesus Christ. Stay in the Word of God the more you learn who Jesus is in you and what he has done for you the more you'll enjoy Jesus and being saved. This upward journey is not easy but it is so worth all of the up's & down's we go through. Jesus loves you very much and he longs to get closer to you and you also do that by staying in the Word of God. May God continue to lead and guide you into his Holy presence,and I know he will.
Love in Christ Pat

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