Not sure what to do c2-head***

Not sure what to do

by Keeley

I am in the middle of a huge mess. I'm in love with a guy named Jeff and my ex friend Pam doesn't like that idea. In the beginning Jeff told me hes playing her game so shes not going to hurt me. I figured it might of been the best thing he could do since I didnt know her too well. well I lost patience because she would control what he did or who he spoke to.I decided to tell her what he told me and how he felt about her. she denied what I said and next thing I know my guy is saying leave me alone! From this point on I felt in my heart that something wasn't right! his eyes were black instead of blue and he couldn't look at me when he told me to leave him be.I heard people who have demons cant look in a Christan eyes and I'm thinking a devil is causing this attack! I had plans to help him clean up his life and when he was at my place he was filled with joy and carefree. recently my bf's sister said hes going to put court orders on me for talking to him. I cannot tell if its really Jeff saying this or the devil is trying to deceive me.

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