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Part 2 of Anita's story

by Anita
(New Mexico)

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My life now is:

My life now over 30 years later is one full of the Lord. I went to a good church, a Bible College and almost have a 2-year Bible certificate but many other Bible course certificates. I taught Sunday School for 10 years & was in Music Ministry for about 10 years. I have been a prayer warrior for the body of Christ and for leadership since I first came to know Him in 1971. After 15 years in a good church, sin was revealed in the leadership and it was a mighty high tower that fell in a day. It left a church of 3,000 devastated, devoid, in absolute quandary.

I have learned much in my over 30 years of walking with the Lord. And I do not “trust in horses or chariots” but only in the Name of the Lord. We raised our two sons in a Christian home and school only to have them both leave and go their own way. This is not to say we did it all right, no we did not. And they each have a free will to choose and choose their own way they have done.

I no longer smoke or drink, curse, degrade my husband, lie, cheat or such things. I love the Lord and His ways and am willing to follow in obedience. I have repented of my carnality along the way in my Christian life and will continue. And there is NO GOING BACK.

My life has not been without testing, trouble, sorrow, or loss. My life has been one of being conformed into His image and not my own. But there is no other life for me to live but with Christ.

Psa 26:2-3
“Examine me, O Lord, & try me, Test my mind & my heart. For Your loving-kindness is before my eyes and I have walked in your Truth.”

What will I work on this year? I do not know but He does and I am in the palm of His hand to be molded and made into what ever He wants me to be.

My husband and I currently help a minister in Kenya that is over 45 ministers in 7 East African nations. We send him the ability to send out 30 lessons on Basic Christian living to those who are hungering and thirsting after the righteousness of Christ who are poor and needy in refugee camps or just plain poor.

You can see what we are doing to help at:

You can join us to help in what ever ways God would lead you.

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