Please Pray for Healing (some very sick folks) and Some Salvations c2-head***

Please Pray for Healing (some very sick folks) and Some Salvations

by C.

Please Pray for Healing of the following:

These are the initials of some people I pray for every day.
Please pray for their completely healing 110%. *Below I mention some who need salvation. I hope you don't mind a list but I felt led to ask for more prayer for them all...

A. Has a bone disease and is becoming bed riden she is in constant severe pain. She also has Parkinson's, and stomach problems, problems with her eyes, a terrible cough and a hernia
Her life is on hold right now.

J.E. Has Lung Cancer which is also on the rib stage 4. She is receiving chemo and we are hoping that the tumors will completely shrink away in the lung and the ribs.

V. Has brain Damage from a car accident. She has severe panic, severe migraines, severe back pain, seizures. She also has had knee replacements. She is being rehabilitated for all.

M.& E. are missionaries and both are sick. M has seizures and depression, E has a heart problem, and a few other unmentionable problems.

T is a music minister and had ear surgery, she also has a hernia. There are various friendship, and family issues going on in T's life as well that need healing.

L,S, & N: all have multiple sclerosis

D had a heart attack and had a pace maker put in. He continues to get better day after day.

Please also pray for me, C. I have a spinal cord injury.

Please pray for salvation of the following:

These are unsaved, Please pray for their salvation:

A. is a messianic Jewish missionary from Russia, her mother and father, brother and sister in law and their children are all unsaved.

P. is my friend who asked me to pray for the salvation of her brother J.

T. is a lady in my bible study who's mother needs salvation

S. is my cousins wife who is unsaved as are the children and
her extended family.

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