Please read this and respond to me. c2-head***

Please read this and respond to me.

by Carla Norris
(Riverside, Ca. Usa)

I just read this article, I've been in a deep devotional study with the Lord that left me we with very little computer time. I hope that you would really read this because I'm so blessed by your writings, teachings and guidelines to pray for and it always leaves me with the self-examination that I need on a daily basis. There is so many that proclaim to love the Lord and will hoop and hallah on Sundays but to find real fellowship it so hard, believe me when I say that I spent so much time and effort searching and praying for someone to really fellowship with. Finally I found the perfect fellowship Partner and I've learned to be content with Him, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I missed your April study but hope that I can find another study that the Lord will bless me with the opprotunity to find fellowship and instruction through your study. God bless you. And thank you for your emails that will always raise my eyebrow to the window of my heart.

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