Prayer Request 4 Healing, Finances And A Home For Our Family c2-head***

Prayer Request 4 Healing, Finances And A Home For Our Family

by Randy

We have been married going on 20 years this December 9th and the Lord has Blessed us with 6 beautiful children, ages ranging from 2-17 years old. We posted earlier about our situation we have given it to the Lord and it has brought peace upon me when I decided that there is nothing that I can do about what we are facing. We are homeless at this time and my family is separated. I'm trying to bring my family back together at this time, but we are in need of HELP.

We need rental asstence in getting into our home, we are in need of $1300.00 to move into our home. We have several homes that will lease to us but we don't have the move in funds for the home that will provide us from being homeless. We can't get hotel vouchers for our family to stay. We are in need of a Financial Blessing & Healing. I have reached out to numerous organizations for assistance and help, but there seems to be no help out there. I don't know what were going to do. I would like to ask those who read my posting to continue to Pray for me and my family and I believe in the Power of Prayer that God WILL make a breakthrough for us.

There is no drug or alcohol issues in my home, we are a family that really tried to make it, but situation happen and here we are. Again I truly thank those that have Prayed for us and we will be Praying for those out here as well...God Bless You...

UPDATE: Thank you so much for your words and kindness. My wife and 4 of the children are in a homeless shelter at this point time and myself and my oldest son are staying where we can at the moment. I'm trying to reachout for help in getting us a place to live and trying to find employment as well...We have a car but we have to return it back to the lender due to non-payment and its up for repo right now. so all I can ask is that you please keep my family and I in your Prayers and for healing that we will someday come back together and the Good Lord provide us a home to live...Thanks again for all your Prayers...God Bless You!

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