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Prayer Request: Brother

by Anonymous

I need you to pray for my brother Nelson D. That God guide him and get him out of the problem he is going through and use it as a testimonial that God cares for His children.

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healing,peace,protection,strength joy
by: Anonymous

also please pray for my friend edd to get well and be okay and live. he has acute lymphoblastic leukemia rentcently found out that it has return. suvior rate, 70% he's in the hospital too being treated.correction
like a brother to me.

by: Vera

Keep praising God for EVERYTHING! As we develope an lives. Thank Him for your food, your clothes, living indoors, the weather, your eyes to see, your fingers to write/type... find things all around you to be thankful for. He loves a thankful heart. Yes, Jesus IS the answer to ALL your needs! God said that through Christ, you can do ALL things. He didn't say, "some" things. ALL means, "ALL" and that's all all means!!!

~smile~ it's good for you.

Our attitudes, and expecially our spoken words HAVE AN AFFECT ON OUR CELLS! Treat yours well: SAY kind words, SAY Jesus' name as often as possible! Dark thoughts and feelings are from the devil or his demons. CAST them OUT! They can not stay in the same room as the spoken name of JESUS!! DO IT! Things will change.

prayer comment
by: Anonymous

Father you know the need, reach it right now in Jesus name.

Alcohol addiction
by: Heidy

My 27 years old brother is serving a sentence of 2 month in jail for driving under the influence. He had a very good job and a healthy 7 years old son. His going the wrong way, my mother try with him and he still got in trouble. I'm always there for him and he knows that I will never turned my back on him, I want whats best for him and all I can do now is pray for him. Now his very lonely and I keep on praying that he seeks for god and to trust god that his the only one that will help him. Please pray for his well being and for his alcohold addiction.
Thank you

BROTHERS NAME(Ricardo Herrera)

Please pray for financial miracle Blessing from Heaven ? for Work & Good pay for each Family Live on Same road I Live on.
by: prayerwarrior

Please pray for financial miracle Blessing from Heaven ? for Work & Good pay for each Family Live on Same road I Live on.
I Pray for Prayers for Your Finances Blessing from Heaven. Only God in Heaven can Do, Bless Mine Hubby, Son & I. & rest of mine Family?s. Bless Finances Blessing from God, for each family That Live on Same road I Live on, I Pray for the ones who do not know Jesus as Their Saver, Will get saved in the Blood of Jesus Christ. I do pray In Jesus Name, For Young Children?s, Teens, And Young Adults. That lives on the same rode I live on, For Peace, Love, Joy, & Learn to Forgive there self, & others In Jesus Name? I Pray For Each School Age to stay in school, In Jesus Christ Name? I Do love U Jesus Christ in heaven what you is going Do, Bless You Lord Jesus Christ. In Jesus Christ name I Pray. Father in heaven you Get All the Praise & Glory & Honor Amen. Praise God.
Please Pray For Street Bullies & Schools. In The Name Of Jesus Christ.
God Bless Jews. & USA. In God I trust
Let Go, Let God Worry about Your Future. In The name Of Jesus Christ? God Bless you. I pray all you?re Prayers & Dream come true In Jesus Christ Name

Please save my marriage
by: lila

My husband David of 24 yrs left me for another younger woman named APril. He now resides with her and is traveling tht path of Satan and wants a divorce. I am praying and begging that GOd returns him to his fold and that he returns to me and our marriage

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