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Prayer Request: Deliverance

by Anonymous

Please pray that God will strengthen me and give me direction. I am going through hell with my pastor and I mean hell. He told the church that he has changed about being against women in ministry but he has not and I am pursuing ministry.

When I was in seminary I was an 'A' student. I am seating out now because of finances and I was riffed from my good job a few months ago. My pastor talks down to me like I am retarded, he cracks jokes on me. When I pass him I will speak to him and most of the time he doesn't speak, he just looks at me.

Also he started talking about sex in details in his mandatory Saturday class but he was using the p, d, and f word like it was a porno. When I went to him and said that I was offended as a woman he said I was 39 and I have heard the word before and I said not coming from a pastor. He told me he was not going to apologize.

On Sunday he started cracking on me wearing a wig and he knows that my hair came out during the times I had six large tumors. I had the surgery a year ago and my hair is slowly growing back.

He says and does everything he can to hurt me and I am tired of coming home crying and not having peace.

I definitely pray that God gives you wisdom in what to do. I question whether you should stay in a church where those kinds of things are being done by a pastor. God definitely may have a plan for you there though, so I would pray and ask God what He would have you to do. I also pray that He gives you His peace in this midst of this situation.

I also pray for everyone else in your church, that God would give them wisdom and discernment. I pray that God would dray your pastor back to the light and love of Christ and away from the ungodly behavior that he is displaying.
In Jesus' Name, Amen.

God Bless,

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Just seek God
by: Anonymous

Look it is hard But the word of God says,to seek first the kingdom of God, when you do that then he will give you the desire of your heart. Which mean to do what you hear the Lord is telling you to do just pray for your Pastor, The word says Pray for your enemys and let God deal with him. The Lord made us to be his servents to help other do your part.

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