Prayer Request: Finances c2-head***

Prayer Request: Finances

by Laura
(Brandon, MS)

My husband lost his job a few months after hurricane Katrina. We relocated to Mississippi to live near my family and to allow my husband a change of pace - career wise. My father is a home builder and assisted my husband in building 2 homes to sell. We are still trying to sell our house in Louisiana and the two we built here locally.

It has been 2 years and we are still responsible financially for our 2 personal homes and the 2 homes we built to sell. It has been very frustrating and has added a lot of stress to our family. We have learned a lot through the process and we have been blessed with a new job for my husband and the resources we've needed to continue to meet our financial commitments. God is so good.

We really need to sell these houses now. Please pray with us. Thank you and God bless you!

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Prayer request. NEW
by: Peter

Prayer request:
Emergency Relief Fund plea. I know it can be hard to understand how your gift can make a difference when there is so much need right now and for the long haul.
But it can and it will

protect children and youth when crises emerge. We in Kenya, and request resources we need to keep children safe and secure during COVID-19 and its aftermath:
Your support of
• $50 can equip 10 families with hygiene kits.

to fulfill urgent needs for hygiene kits, emergency community outreach, relocation assistance, and more.

On behalf of our Hiswill orphanage, and of children and youth around here in Kenya, thank you for your support.

In health and solidarity,

Bishop Peter.
PayPal account;

Need to raise $700,000 by 8th September 2016 NEW
by: Maurice Yeo

I need to raise US$700,000 BEFORE 8th September 2016 to avoid bankruptcy and homeless.

I was retrenched two years ago and need a job offer urgently.

Please pray for me for God miracle.

Thank you.
Maurice Yeo (Mr.)

for my son NEW
by: Anonymous

I have two sons. one is pursing his engineering final year but due to some unavoidable circumstance his teachers are not supporting him and facing so many problems.
Other son is not at all interested in studies and left schooling. He is involved in bad circle and have bad habits. Due to him we are always in tension.

So please pray for my both sons so that elder son get rid of all problems and younger son get stable and calm mind. he must leave all bad company and bad habits and become sincere and think for his future.

God Jesus please help me.

PrayerRequest for financial breakthrough
by: Rayleta Price

Hello my name is Rayleta Price and I owe $1550.00 in rent and in danger me and my children being evicted any day now. I also need prayer for finding another caregiving job that will support me and my family that hires people who have felonies and doesn't judge me by my past PLEASE pray for me?

our financial situation is really bad and im sick
by: sonya m

We are about to have our water cut off and the power.we already lost the phone and our car insurance and we have no health insurance and I have been sick for over a month and have a bad tooth ache for four days from a tooth that I need pulled but can't afford and have no insurance for. I can't keep up my rent on our house and they raised the rent on my storage unit. Our cars need repairs so we have something to drive and one of the cars we are still paying for and have two payments left.On valentines day the county code enforcement came & fined us for our cars and my furniture on my porch and then one of our neighbors called animal control on my four yr old daughters chiwawa and we got fined for his tag missing. I got a ticket while driving my father-n-laws van for going five miles over the limit and two points and if I can't get it dropped we will never be able to afford insurance. Its stressing me and my family out so much we are constantly fighting. Pray for us please I don't know where will get the money we need to make all the things we owe monthly or how we are going to survive. Thank you all in advance for praying for my family.

Financial troubled
by: Anonymous

Pray for to get the money to repay my school fees and register at tertiary for my last term.May the Glory of Heavenly Father be with me.

help me
by: tamara

i come that whomever reads this will pray for me im in need of a financial blessing im homeless jobless and a single parent of 3 with no help from the fathers please pray for me thank u and god bless

by: Shino

Please pray for me on Urgent� because I have so many financial debts. Bank loans, Credit Cards.
I have to pay rents, transportation fees for children�s. I took money from others now I am in big problems.

by: carl

pleae pray that my personal finances wold receive a immediate breakthrough---that all curses would be broken over them

by: pjt

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, please intercede for me and my husband that the Lord help us. We are in dire needs. Our house rent is overdue and the electric company has sent us a warning letter to cut our electricity if do not pay by the 2nd of November. We believe that God can perform a miracle and that He is able to help us. Please pray that God sends us new students for our home tuition and participants for our parenting and kids workshop soonest possible. Please ask God to forgive us of all our sins and that He have mercy upon us. Please ask God to send us the money without delay so that we can rejoice and glorify Him. Please also pray for God to heal me completely of acid reflux, gastric, anxiety, fear and stomach disorder. Please cover us in the blood of Jesus and pray that God breaks every curse of infirmity and poverty. Thank you very much. God bless you abundantly.

prayer for financial stability!
by: Jenni

Please pray for me to fulfill my commitment to an answer to my prayer...I am asking for prayer for a decent job, to be financially responsible, and fulfill my promise to wonderful friend who has offered to help me during this time. I am asking for prayer to live my life for the LORD and walk in his word. Thank you for all of your prayers!

by: Anonymous

also please pray for my friend edd to get well and be okay and live. he has acute lymphoblastic leukemia rentcently found out that it has return. suvior rate, 17/77%? he's in the hospital too being treated.

prayer for settling my family financial crisis
by: Anonymous

praise the lord,

my family is under severe financial crisis and my parents are struggling hard and facing many shameful acts from the bankers in front of all the staff in working place father is trying to find out a source for money for settling money...he is already above 62 years of age.

pls save our family



Financial Need
by: Anonymous

I am in a deeply embarrassing and disappointing financial state and in a heavy debt and desperately need your prayers that God may intervene and provide soonest. Kindly help me. I am a single dad taking care of two kids. God bless and stay blessed.

by: Anonymous


by: Anonymous

i need good job,good wife,favor,blessing,victory,guideance,protection,good heath and long life,till i hear from you thanks.
its me

by: Anonymous

i need good job,good wife,favor,blessing,victory,guideance,protection,good heath and long life.till i hear fro you thanks
its me

by: Anonymous

I despratley need pray for my finances look likes the devil is in control of my finances i just cant cope my debt just getting more and more also pray for cleaning jobs thank you

Help is Needed
by: Anonymous

Father God I pray that you set my feet upon the right path to achieve my financial endeavors. I pray that you allow the landlord not to evict me and to allow me to stay in my home and secure permanent income. Lord God I need you in this trying time to cover my debt and to move forward in life. I need you strength to keep me whole and determined to face the adversity that lurks on every corner. Lord bless my bank account and wallet that I may feed my family and pay my bills. In Jesus name please sustain us and allow us to survive during these trying times.

prayer comment
by: Anonymous

Father in Jesus name I ask that you will provide. Father provide aw ay for them to sell their houses so that they will receive the money they need. Father I thank you for meeting the needs in Jesus name.

by: Anonymous

Father God I pray in the name of Jesus that you will help this family sell the two houses that they need to sell. I also pray that you will release the stress that this may have caused in Jesus mighty name Amen.

by: Anonymous

Dear Laura

We serve a good GOD, He ia able to change your situation. I assume that you and your husband are Christians, and always remember, you must be faithful tither, to trust GOD for finances. If you are not, just sort that out asap.

Go to Habbakkuk 2, write down you prayer of petition,(Be very specific) get scriptures related to your situation, (Matt. 7:7-8 comes to mind)stand in agreement with your husband according to Matt. 18:19, read it out loud.
Every day, thank God that the houses have been sold, and remember to faithfully tithe on the amount of the houses, once they are sold.

God bless.

by: kazeem

i need good job,good wife,favour,finacial,victory,bleesing,wisdom,guidance,protection,good heath and long life.till i hear from you thank.
its me

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