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Prayer Request: Financial Blessing

by Anonymous

Christian prayer request: Please pray that Crystal Fisher and Ulysses Parks get jobs in their fields.

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Financial Blessings NEW
by: Kenneth L.Lane

i've read about all the financial blessing that came those people who ask for this financial prayer blessing so i'am now asking the those powerful prayers that were send out for other be send out for me also i have big past debits and i wish that i had the money to clear up these financial debits so bro and sister's of christ please pray for me that a financial blessing will come my way my Name (Kenneth L.Lane) thank you so much for praying for me.

Prayer to have Private and Federal Student Loan account closed NEW
by: Abraham Hawkins

In 2003, I applied for student loans through FASFA and attended ITT Tech in Indianapolis. I got a form of sickness that gave me vertigo, made me pass out, sweat profusely, and finally my blood pressure reached 155/85. After the doctor's appointment to see what was wrong with me, they, that presided over my health, said there was nothing wrong with me. I am in way over my head with the student loan that is against me. The amount to be completely freed of the student loan debt is $10,569. I have been through the student loan advocacy groups in the hopes that each one would provide answers or assist me in getting student loan forgiveness and discharge from the debt. Not one was willing to assist me since they require a credit card number and a substantial amount of money to work the case, which would create an even greater form of problems in my life as far as my finances are concerned, creating more debt that I don't need. Please, to all who would remind and reprimand me for my faith in God after reading this, I am believing by faith that God will either wipe the debt clean or provide $10,700, for the student loan debt plus any other debts that are hidden. I appreciate everyone's prayer and understanding. Once God comes through, then I'm giving a praise report at my local church. God cancelled the debt when Jesus took it upon Himself when he died on the cross and in the Garden of Gethsemane, where He sweat droplets of blood from his forehead.

Need blessings NEW
by: Anonymous

After my husband left me and our children about 7 years ago, I have been struggling to get by financially.After many years as a housewife I had to find a job, but I could only get a poor paid job. I found a rental home but I can't afford to live here. I signed up for cheaper apartments but there is a long waiting list. And when my youngest will soon turn 18, I lose child support and then my income is less than the expenses. I'm really stressed out about the situation and have constant heart palpitations and can't sleep at night. Would you please pray that I get a cheaper place to live very soon and that I will be able to make it on my own.

r and famiy financial need NEW
by: Anonymous

for Gods favour in answering this prayer for long lasting financial prosperity wealth and abundance ,(specific need- for an abundance of money of our own not borrowed to buy a house each and be comfortable)In Jesus name Amen thankyou lord

Financial Blessing NEW
by: Margaret

I am so grateful for God being present within my families lives. We are truly blessed to have his love and support through moments of utter glee, uncertainty and dispair. My daughter and myself are in situations in which we are displaced. I am asking God to bless my daughter with a financial blessing to secure her housing, ability to return to college and obtain secure employment.

Also, I am praying that God assist me with obtaining employment to be able to secure housing and pay off my student loan. I feel a tremendous amount of stress because these situations weighs on me daily. I am praying for miracle money and a financial blessing so that I can help others and myself.

My boyfriend has allowed me to stay at his home which I am so appreciative. This love and support has brought me through dispair to a place of hope. He also is in a need of a financial blessing to pay off his mortgage, student loans and credit card bill. He is such a wonderful man and it really hurts me because I really want to help him financially. He never makes disparaging remarks about my situation or pressures me amount anything financially. I appreciate and love him and my daughter immensely.

I believe that God will answer my families prayers as well as everyone else of this site. Again, I am grateful for God's love, grace and mercy. In Jesus name , I say Amen.

financial blessing
by: sharlene stephens

I need prayer for financial blessing. My home is in foreclosure and i have little income. I need prayer for reming in my home and to get a good job.

friend and family
by: Dana

Thank you Jesus for what you have provide already and are going to. For friend who is a single mother needs a car. lay it upon someone to help her with a car,transportation and childcare. Lay it upon her family to help with transportation until she gets a car. Provide all her needs financially seeing God's hand taking care of her.
Guide my daughter emotionally with work,relationships and school giving joy and peace. Let her and my son follow God one day serving Him.

Financial Blessing
by: Van

Please pray for me for finacial blessing.

by: Anonymous

health.healings.heal negative past talk.heal,remove water from lungs.cancer free..j.d.t.,family

by: sony

Dear lord, in the name of jesus pls remove all obstacles comming in the way of the wine project, my daughter shweta is doing.pls bless the project so that it takes off soon and prospers and flourishes with your blessings.thankyou.

Financial Blessing
by: Anonymous

I'm having a difficult time in my life I'm on the verge of lossing my job at the end of this month. I'm currently separated from my husband who is currently leaving with some women an my son who's in college is having a hard time paying for tuition room and board. I help him as much as possible but I just can't afford it and I need prayer I need this demonic spirit to remove itself from my life. I can't do it all alone I need true beleiver to prayer an move this evil spirit I hope and pray that better times are upon me and mine I would love to keep my job have my family back where it belongs and help my son with college tuition room and board I have faith that this will come to pass in Jesus name....Amen

Pray for me,

Financial Blessing and rRestoration of Life
by: Anonymous

First pray that the relationship with our GOD becomes bigger and stronger than ever,and requesting prayer for financial and credit restored,restore the love and trust and relationship between my daughter and her husband, restore all of our relationships between us. Pray than my son will never have the desire for drugs and alcohol abuse ever again in his life, and that God will destroy the weapons that were formed against my daughter, son, son in law and grand children & myslef and give back to us everything that the devil has stolen.

pray for me
by: Diana

Dearest Lord, I humbly ask you for a financial blessing so that I may be able to support my family and get a decent car to get to both of my jobs. I cannot seem to get ahead. Please give me the faith to believe that a blessing might occur.

Thank you Jesus
by: Anonymous

I am first of all saying Thank you Jesus for everything that you have provided me with in my life. I have always been close to you and believe that you can and will bestow a financial blessing on myself and my family. I am praying for financial freedom so that I may be at peace.
Thank you Jesus, I love you.. Amen

For financial blessing
by: Anonymous

Please pray for us to the Lord our God, to shower us with a financial blessing, the debts are weighing us down and our families are in the same position and really need help to help them as well.
Please pray for us. Please Lord hear our prayer and help us shower us with your blessings and love.

we need the lord
by: carla snow

lord you no there were i go to bed hungry and i feed the kids lord i ask that you help me i need you now lord i need you i am on hard times my son father need you to lord i ask for money this is hard i don't have anyone lord help me

Curse of Debt and Financial Hardship
by: Anonymous

I am praying to the almighty Yahweh because there is nothing I can do on my own. Please pray for our ONLY God to break the curse of financial hardship and debt on my family, not just me but my family. We are ALL struggling in this economy and I am asking that this demon of debt and financial hardship be freed from our lives. I just want to be free, so my child can be free. I am unemployed due to layoffs, finding a job has been difficult, I've lost my home, I am on benefits that are set to decrease then expire soon. Bill collectors are calling, I am over my head in student loans that I can't even begin to repay because of my limited income. I feel like there is no way out and it is hard to breakthrough. I don't know what else to do. The only thing that's keeping me afloat is my son because I know he needs his mother. We NEED a breakthrough.

by: gregory

I would like someone to help me pray for a financial blessing. I am at the end of my rope and I dont know what to do. I have lost everything. I lost my house my dog died after having him for twelve years and then my wife died after being togeather for twentyone years, I even lost my car after four years of making payments every month. I am asking for help praying becuase I am on the verge of taking my life because I have nothing else to lose. I know that I sound like a fool, I dont want to give up but I just dont know what esle to do. I have worked all my life and tried to be a good person and now it seems for nothing. Will someone please help me pray. I am not looking for a hand out just a prayer. Thanking you in advance and yes I do believe in GOD and the power of prayer.

To have success in finances
by: Patti

I have not been employed in about 3 years. I have not ever been able to have my 3 children live with me since we got divorced. Because I have not made enough money to support myself and my children. I feel that there is something or someone against me having my children in my life. It is like I am threat against my ex.
I pray for a miracle to happen for me to prosper and have financial gain, so I can be with my children and have a place of my own. Amen.

miracle financial request
by: Anonymous

Normally I do not make financial prayer requests. Currently I really am in need of a financial blessing to happen. My disabled brother, his truck is not operating and I need to find somene to repair it and make it operational again. Also to pay some of the taxes and to have enough money for food.

Wedding expense blessings...
by: Anonymous

Lord first off i would like to thank you for waking me up in my right mind this morning and for blessing me with all that i have, with out you nothing is possible...Lord i ask you to watch over all of my family and friends, please keep them all healthy, happy and safe, bring us peace of mind...please give them faith to handle anything that they are going thru...Lord i am asking you to please provide us with a financal blessing to help with wedding expenses...Lord Im asking you to hear my prayers...Please keep me as strong, amen...

Financial Blessing
by: Mrs. J.

We've been in this business for about five yrs. and we have been struggling for the last two yrs. in trying to make ends meet. We've been praying,beleving,and trusting that God will bring us through and for some reason,our progress has been blocked. It was told to us by a woman of God that God said he was going to bless us. I know that there's a time and a season for everything.Even our Pastor had said the same thing in his sermon. I don't know what's stopping our progress. Help me to try to understand. I know it's a stronghold that the adversary have and I been praying that God would bring us our of this storm.


Financial and relationship
by: Anonymous

Requesting prayer for financial and credit restored and a relationship to rekindle, restore, and renew,and that God will destroy the weapons that were formed against, and give back everything that the devil stole.

I am praying with you...
by: Ameerah

I am praying that both Crystal and Ulysses get the jobs that God has prepared for them. That they would be financially prosperous, and be the lender and not the borrower. And, that they will find favor with their employers and prospective employers.

In Jesus' Name - Amen

God Bless,

by: Anonymous

we pray that you may find jobs in your field and that GOD will pick the place and MAKE HIS WILL KNOWN TO YOU in this and all things, in jesus name amen

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