Prayer Request: For me to be a better Christian c2-head***

Prayer Request: For me to be a better Christian

by Fergus
(Mumbai, India)

Hey Ameerah. I am writing to you to thank you for the space that you have given me on your website for my testimony.

I would also like to ask you to pray for me for two things. I hope this is ok to ask.

One is I find it very hard to be good with those who give me a hard time. I know that Jesus has said that when someone slaps you on one cheek you need to offer the other. I find it very hard to do that. I always want to give back more bad stuff than I received but when I do that I feel so bad I feel like tearing my heart out. Please help me.

Another thing is that I went to a school where most of the students were Muslim. My best friend in junior college was also a Muslim. Right from the time I was young i have been told by many of them that my Christian faith was made up and that my Bible has been corrupted by us Christians & that we Christians are following a bunch of lies.

I used to really hate this and it is for this reason that I have a secret hatred in my heart for Muslims. This is another thing I hate about my self. I know if I want to care for people I must learn to love them & I want to witness for Jesus more than anything in the world. I want to bear fruit for him like a mustard seed, which even though small grows into a big tree and produces fruit thousand fold.

Can you please help me with these two severe issues as they are consuming me.

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Stop being rude now and for ever this is wrong
by: Anonymous

Heavenly Father, Blesst the young lady at the bus statioin that I asked the time for who seem to find me rude, and let something happen in her life to let her know I did not mean, it what ever it was. Lord if You wont me to ba Christian in my heart than brake me free of this rudeness verbal or non-verbal, that others seem to find in me, as stuck up, that no evil formed to hurt me shell harm me except those sins I must pay for reeping the wrong I have dwon,amen!

Thank you
by: Fergus

Thank you Dian and Ameerah. I ll keep what you have said in mind. I know what I am doing is wrong. So may God give me the will & strenght to overcome this weekness.

God bless you both and thank you once again.

Being a better Christian
by: Dian Ramsey

I know from personal experience that the first thing you have to do is to forgive the people that have wronged you. Next you must ask God to forgive you. The next thing you have to do is to forgive yourself. Once God has forgiven you, you must forgive others and yourself. If you don't then your life will not bear the fruit God wants it to and your life will be miserable and you will not be able to experience all the wonderful victories that God intended for you to have. M atthew 6:14 says, 'forif ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly father will also forgive you..'

How to deal with hate
by: Ameerah

Hi Fergus,

I definitely pray that God will be your strength in your weaknesses, but I also wanted to give you a bit of godly advice.

There is one solution to both of the problems that you have been struggling with: God's Love.

God's love is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. That means that we do not have it in ourselves to show or convey to others, it can only come from spending time with God through the Holy Spirit and allowing our ungodly nature to be replaced with His godly nature.

The anger and hate that you are feeling are just signs to show you that you need more of God's Spirit in your life, baring the fruit of love in your heart.

I grew up Muslim, and I was taught many of the things that you mentioned about Christianity. But, I am not angry at the Muslims because I know one important thing - They are all deceived of the enemy.

The same thing goes for people who mistreat you.

When you realize that people are acting out of demonic deception and that they are just being used by Satan to come against you as God's child, you are able to place the blame where it belongs - on your real enemy the devil.

Continue to pray and ask God to begin filling your heart with His love and start waling in that love by faith. When you think a hate filled thought, say out loud to yourself, I am filled with God's love and joy and not the devil's hate and rage. Find scriptures that talk about love and begin meditating on them. Do your part to renew your mind to who God created you to be, and that old man filled with hate and anger will begin to be a distant memory.

God Bless!
Ameerah Lewis
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