Prayer Request: God works in me! c2-head***

Prayer Request: God works in me!

by Daniel B Banker
(Albuquerque, NM)

Today is a hard day for me. It has been four months now since Satan had deceived me into giving my wife a divorce she requested. I regret all I have done. I have humbly fallen to my knees in repentance to God. I have turned my entire life around and live wholly for Jesus. Praise be to God for his grace and mercy. However at the same time God has given me an intense love for my wife (ex wife) and I pray earnestly for our restoration of our marriage. My wife made a profession of faith once same as me. We both slid from our commitments,and I as head of the household neglected my God given duties. My wife is now living a life of sin, and adultery. Her eyes have been clouded by the devil's deceit. I pray God causes a division between them and a separation that only God can cause. I pray that God shoots the darts of the wicked back at their source. I pray for a hedge of protection from harm, but a conviction to her heart like never before. A conviction so strong that she first repents to God, and then to me.

As far as me, she has come back three times with intentions to work things out, but Satan has her heart so pulled, torn and twisted that any repentance till now has been short lived. God has changed my entire focus. I am desiring to help the needy with the blessings he has given me. He has given me a pure love for my wife and a complete and pure heart of forgiveness to her. So strong that even while she is still causing me pain, I forgive her every day. God has revealed himself to me in many ways these past few weeks, and continues daily. My wife's name is Iris. I feel for many of you on this site. I know the pain you feel. While I know it is God's will to fix marriages, I also know God won't fix all. He may have a better plan for you or even me. This is very hard for me to say, but I must speak in truth.
Lastly, I am attached to a group of believers who pray for me, or at least I hope. Many or most of you are Christians. I do ask for all your prayers in this matter. For revealing of God's plans for my life, for restoration of my marriage and family, for healing for my wife and I, and for repentance to God for her ways. I do not ask selfishly as my primary focus is that she comes to a saving knowledge of her Lord and Savior, and bends her knees to her creator and humbly accepts his forgiveness. He will do the rest.

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by: Anonymous

I would like to request you to pray for a God fearing Partner in my life and the journey of being single has been tough. The world has stated different notions for being single and it makes me feel shattered. My search for a partner has started 3 years ago and still hoping God will open doors in my life.

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