Prayer Request: God's Guidance and Help c2-head***

Prayer Request: God's Guidance and Help

by Anonymous

I have 4 things that need prayer. I'm putting them all together in a general request because I'm not sure how to split them.

Here it goes.

1. Confidence. So I can be more outgoing and not scared of my own shadow, so to speak, in public places. I want my happiness to show through. It doesn't always come across because I'm so shy and I get flustered really easy.

2. I need a car. I don't have one of my own and I only have limited access to one now. I need one to keep the job I have. It would be perfect if it were under $2000 including taxes and the color green, but you don't have to pray for the last thing. Really just something I can afford.

3. Another job. I need a second part-time job to make ends meet. Please pray for God to give me direction in what types of jobs to look into and that something will open up for me.

4. Patience. I need God to give me patience in determining if I am meant to be single or to get married and have a family. And, if I'm meant to marry, I need His patience in waiting for that guy to come along.

I also need prayer for the ability to enjoy my life as a single person and not to be envious or jealous of those in relationships.

I also need God's help to be respectful of other people's relationships, and not do anything that causes strife between a couple.

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my son angelo winston to find a job so he could take care of his 6 kids
by: ingrid harper

My son angelo winston to find a job
to get of this abuse life his wife is doing to him
help my husband to stop the drink and smoking
to hepe quit smoking
tohelp to get back to my normal duties at work
help that my jobs a secure

Learning to trust, seeking prayer, seeking a mriacle
by: Michele

Hello I am Michele from Roseville Michigan, seeking others to agree with me in prayer for my step father. I know that the Lord can still work miracles, and I stand firm in my faith, that prayer can change lives! Please lift up my step father Michael in your daily prayers. He is currently in the hospital on an artificial heart device, and by the Glory of God he is still with us today. Please pray that the Lord can rest his healing hands on Michael, and that Michael can have a complete and total healing by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May the Lord restore his health, heal his heart and mind, and deliver him from anything that will bring him harm. I know that the Lord works miracles, and listens to our prayers. I pray that Michael can defeat these obstacles, defeat these struggles, and be a testimony to the Glory and healing power of our Lord Jesus Christ. May the spirit lead you in whatever way necessary to pray. Thank you!

Career path and boy

I planned to go overseas this year to work to have my job end here but nothing open up there.

Having come to a dead end in my career path HERE doors are opening and the one that did was to exhausting, I am finding it hard to know which job to apply for next or what I am meant to do.I literally get told by sales I have to much HR and by HR I have to many sales and there is no way around EITHER for me. My small business is ending but nothing else is lined up. I found I was to exhausted for a great job I started so have no idea what next to do.
Also, a boy I gave up on who is always in my thoughts keeps dropping into my lap. We have no contact currently I don't know if its God pointing to him or not. I seem unable to move back or forwards.
How do i turn the page so God has room to move? I don't know what to do next and its silly going for mulitple roles for the sake of it. What am i doing or not doing that can be blocking the path?

Praying with you...
by: Ameerah

I pray that God gives you the boldness and confidence to represent Him well to those around you. I pray that your joy and zeal would be contagious and dray people to Him.

I also pray that God would be your Jehovah Jireh and provide the car that you need to get to and from work. I also pray that, for an extra special 'I love you' treat, He gives you a green car, just to show you that even the small desires of your heart are precious to Him.

I pray that He opens up doors for you to have the job(s) that He has hand selected for you and your personal circumstance.

I also pray that He give you the patience to enjoy being simple until He decides it is time for you to marry. I pray that He prepares you for your mate, and that He prepares your life-mate for you.

If you are struggling with finding peace in being single, I found a Christian book that I think may really help you. It's called Single & Sure. It's by a Christian man who has been single his entire life and struggled with the emotional challenges of being a single Christian for many years. Its very inspirational and encouraging -I think you would like it.

God Bless,

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