Prayer Request: God's wisdom for my therapist and psyc. Dr. c2-head***

Prayer Request: God's wisdom for my therapist and psyc. Dr.

by Judi
(San Marcos)

Today I had an appt. with my psychiatrist and he talked with my therapist and they want to hospitalize me for more extensive treatment. They are both very concerned about suicide, and more concerned that it would be spontaneous meaning it wouldn't take much that would make me harm myself. They said all the red flags are there. I have major depression that has gotten worse in the last 3 weeks. I have no hope, I feel such an overwhelming emptiness inside me that won't go away.

I was able to talk my way out of going to the hosp. I haven't been taking my meds, so I have to start them up again continue seeing my therapist twice a week and then in two weeks if there is no improvement then I have to go. Now my therapist did not agree with the Dr. letting me wait. So I think she needs God's help on how to help me, and My Dr. needs God's wisdom and guidance with any decisions he will have to make concerning my treatment.

By the way my therapist is Christian and doesn't do anything before going to god. Thank you in advance for anyone who prays for me.

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urgent request
by: Anonymouspaul

dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
please pray for me and my wife. we need God to send us aids tohelp pay our house rentals, utilities bill,daily expenses. pray that God moves the heart of those parents whose children are weak in their studies and character/attitude problems to enroll in our programmes. TQ & GBU!

by: sammy


Praying for you....
by: roberto

I pray that our Lord Jesus Christ,will touch You in a mighty way and restore You in every way.Because You believe in Him You are ETERNALLY SAVED..Rest in this ...DO NOT FEAR to lose your salvation..JESUS purchased YOU ( and me and all believers in Him) with His Precious Blood,and there is nothing and nobody that can snatch you from HIS HAND,REST in HIM even if you "feel" down and out,even if you "feel" unworthy,HE SAVED YOU by HIS GRACE and HE WILL NEVER abandon you or reject you even if you sin,just ask for HIS HELP and TRUST that HE WILL DO IT.BLESSINGS to YOU IN JESUS NAME.AMEN

God will never leave you nor forsake you
by: Anonymous in DC

Trust in Him you already know of his love mercy and grace. Stay in the Spirit and meditate on words like comfort and peace. Remind yourself that this too shall pass and however things may appear harsh and impossible there are going to be brighter days ahead. Take the medecine and if you have to go to the hospital that is okay too because eventually you will be healed. God does not create junk and you are a child of His you belong to the kingdom of joy and peace. If things seem negative turn them positive and don't allow yourself to suffer because God cares. As your Heavenly Father He is watching over you. Trust in Him to allow people to care for you and help your healing in mind body and soul. God bless you.

Jesus is the Best Doctor!!!
by: Terri

I am praying for you to be covered in the blood.
Please call your church and have healing hands laid on you. If you don't have a church, go to any spirit-filled church and ask for help. RUN!! to church. This suicide thing is Satan putting things in your head so he can have his ultimate goal.. you dead and in hell. There is a battle raging in your mind and Satan is contolling it. Ask God yourself and I'll ask him for you as well to take control. For every mountain in your path, God can lead you through it. Trust HIM. You do not want to go to hell forever. People there beg for 1 drop of water, one more chance, it's hot, there are demons that torment you.. you never die there but you wish you could. Read 23 minutes in Hell - book sold at Walmart. Read your Bible.. stay in the word of God!! every waking minute. DON"T GIVE UP.
God has a very special assignment for you. He wants you to trust HIM, live the rest of your life dedicated to HIM and share the testimony of what you have gone through, with others and lead them to Him. Your will have an awesome testimony! Please start focusing on helping others that need your help and stop focusing on yourself. There are others desperately that need Your help. I pray right now that a portal be opened in heaven that leads you to become deeply rooted in Jesus.
You need to know that Jesus is the best doctor there ever was. He raised Lazarus from the dead after days of being dead! He can heal you supernaturally!! and he will.. ask him. Call your church or a spirit-filled church right now!!Don't wait, do it right now.
God bless you.

melissa has cancer
by: Anonymous

She has cancer and has 25% chance with chemo. Please pray for a positive outcome and take this to your churches if possible.Thank you,kindly.Jerry. P.S. my personal intentions too:)

praying for you
by: Debbie

I am praying for your deliverance from depression. I have battled it myself. Please take your medication. It will help. It isbeing prescribed for a reason.

Also, I think you really need to get into the word of God. You need to know that he loves you and has a plan and a purpose for your life. It is for you to be blessed and not to bring you to harm.

I ask that God minister to you now by his Holy Spirit and I bind that spirit of depression and hopelessness right now in the name of Jesus!

Praying with you...
by: Ameerah

You know that I am praying with you. I sent you a personal email directly, so go ahead and respond to that when you get it if you want, but there's no pressure of course.

I believe that God has some amazing things in store for you and that He has not in any way loosed His hold on you. He loves you so much and He is guiding, directing and protecting you.

I get so frustrated when I hear the lies that others have told you about God not wanting you anymore. They are lies from the pit of hell. They are what Satan wants you to believe and not at all true. But, somewhere in your heart you know that. And, once we get started with our special course over the next few months, God is going to reveal His true self to you personally. You won't have to take anyone's word for it. He will prove to you that what they said is a lie and that His love that you can still feel deep within your heart - THAT is truth!

I love you and I am praying for their wisdom and your strength.


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