Prayer Request: Grand daughter,pregnant and in medically induced coma c2-head***

Prayer Request: Grand daughter,pregnant and in medically induced coma

by Her Grannie

My granddaughter Kristina has been hospitalized and placed in a medically induced coma to stop her seizures. She is pregnant and they say so far the baby is fine.

She has had convulsions for quite a number of years. Even though they were witnessed by a lot of people at different times, the drs did very little to help her because they were usually over by the time she was seen. They even said she was lying, that it was self induced if at all.

Finally PRAISE GOD,a dr saw her in one, but she was also sent to a psychiatrist who just kept giving her one med after the other. She was so depressed and weary because they did not take her seriously untill this dr saw and began to help her. Now this has happened a lot due to the fact that the psychrastist took her straight off a med which you need to be weaned from!

She cared for her aunt who had cancer until she died and another aunt who finally recovered from the cancer and her grandmother and on and on. She is a caring person and has had much hurt. She was raped several times by a trusted friend of her dads when she was 12 also.

She is o thrilled that they are having a baby and called all of us to tell us. sShe will be a very good mother. She had stopped going to church some time back due to a lot of things.

Please pray for the seizures to stop forever and for GOD to act for her.

Thank you.

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