Prayer Request: Healing c2-head***

Prayer Request: Healing

by Julie V K
(Sandy Utah)

Please pray with me for the complete healing of my heart arrhythmia's. May I find peace and be healed from this heart ailment on earth forevermore.

In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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deliverance from alcohol addiction
by: Anonymous

Praise the Lord!!! Request you all to pray for my friend Hari Prasad, who is addicted
to alcohol and all worldly pleasure. Please pray that his soul is delivered from all evil and he
leads a life which is pleasing in Lord's eye.

Much Thanks.

by: abhishek

My dear brothers & sisters,

I am Abhishek Dey from Agartala,Tripura,India.My mother - Manjusha Dey,age 64 years is a patient of chronic kidney failure & is presently under peritoneal or home dialysis.Her condition is very serious & each day she is fighting with death.She is completely bed-ridden & even cannot walk,sit or make any body movements by her own.She is also suffering from malnutrition & is becoming more weak & feeble day by day.Another major problem which is arising from peritoneal dialysis is that the dialysis fluid gets accumulated in her chest after every month or so.This leads to breathing & other serious problems which leads to emergency hospitalisation for tapping of the fluid manually.She also underwent a by-pass heart surgery & is also a patient of diabetes & hi/low blood pressure.Presently,her life is under serious death threat & there is no surety about her survival.There are no signs of improvement in her condition.In this situation,I would like to request you all to pray to god for her overall well-being & long life.Request him to heal & cure her completely & make her completely fit.Request him to make her active as before.Pray to him so that the dialysis fluid doesn't get accumulated in her chest anymore & take away all further chances of death & hospitalisation.Request god to always keep his hands on my mother's head & cure & bless her at all times.I realise that in this situation,only prayer & god's grace can work.

Thanking you & relying upon your prayers,
Abhishek Dey.

I am praying for your healing
by: Ameerah

Hi Julie,

I am definitely praying that God would send His healing power to restore your heart to the condition that He originally intended. I pray that He gives you His peace and His joy in the midst of this trial, and that He guides you in all wisdom. I pray that He would speak to you if there be anything in the physical realm that you could be doing to speed up your restoration, and I also pray that He speak to the doctors and guide them in His ways, and not their own. May your healing be a testament to those around you of God's amazing power, and His love for His children.

God Bless!

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