Prayer Request: Husband in love with another c2-head***

Prayer Request: Husband in love with another

by Christine Bramble
(Oroville, Ca)

On a Valentine's Day trip in 2006

On a Valentine's Day trip in 2006

My husband left me a year ago (after 20 years of marriage). After having enough of the adulteress' deceiving ways, he said he wanted to see if we could try again and move in together. After moving in, all he has managed to do is spend all of his time trying to make things work with her until they were a "couple" again.

Please pray that the evil, wicked spirits leading him to this doomed relationship will be destroyed and he will be restored to Christ and his family again. He is Christian believing, just not living. He has fallen very far from everything he has ever believed in. He says he doesn't know if I ever did anything wrong to lose him. Also says he doesn't know why his feelings are so strong for this lady...but stated he just feels like he should act on them because of how strong they are.


I am definitely praying with you. I rebuke the spirits of lust and adultery from your husband. I pray that God will send godly men to surround him and help him to see things more clearly. I ask that God will send His angels to war against those spirits that are trying to draw your husband away from his family and to this other woman. I pray that God's Spirit will move in like a wave and reclaim the territory that belongs to Him and draw your husband back to God and back to you. I pray that he will develop a repentant heart and that God will give him the spirit of discernment that he will be able to recognize Satan's hand hard at work in this relationship with this woman and that he will realize it is not true love (which is God's love in us) drawing him away from you and to her, but something else entirely.

May God bless you and restore your family,
Ameerah Lewis

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